Jan 082018

Happy days! Just done the first cycle of 2018, the first of many of course!!

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    Yeah…damn cold here too !!!!!!! I don’t like the cold…….bbbrrrrrrrrr….where’s me Duvet ?

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    Always great to see you Gordon although I miss the more sleek and tighter lycra suits :-p
    It is going to be a very cold and now rainy season I believe here in San Francisco, Ca we can use the water NOT the cold . Thanks for your warmth it helps me.
    Gabriel xox

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    Well done G 4 getting out on the bike; this weather; I can’t afford 2 take the risk of getting a chest infection, this time of year; although the ambient temperature out there during the day was 5°C, it was still bloody cold with the wind chill factor as well.

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    Cycle and cold it’s the best

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