My top sexy men

At long last, I’ve got around to updating this list!

1. Ben Swift

He’s got to be my number one, since he looks so good in his tight Lycra cycling gear.

2. Andrea Locatelli

He just looks so good in leathers!!

3. Theo Bos

Just needs to be in this list, since he’s so HOT in that Lycra!

4. Marc Márquez

5. Harry Judd

Harry Judd from McFly made it into the top 5, for just this photo alone.

6. Kolohe Andino

Well I had to get at least one lad in my list wearing a wetsuit!

7. Scott Redding

8. bboyspiderman

No idea what his real name is… but who cares when he posts stuff like this to instagram.

3 Replies to “My top sexy men”

  1. Yes very hot sexy men in tight wonderful gear. You’d be on my List Gordon, Top Sexy Gordon Shots. Includes you in tight cycle gear, wet suits, and leathers. Woo it just got hot in here .

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