Cycling vlogs


Below are my newest cycling vlogs!

Don’t like cold, wet Lycra
Filmed: 21/05/2017

Lycra is more fun wet
Filmed: 16/05/2017

Loving cycling in Scotland
Filmed: 04/05/2017

Had my current bike for a year
Filmed: 19/04/2017

Yet another 2017 Lycra vlog
Filmed: 27/03/2017

My second live cycle vlog
Filmed: 26/03/2017

First live cycling vlog!
Filmed: 25/03/2017

The places I find, while cycling…
Filmed: 29/01/2017

First wetsuit cycle vlog of 2017
Filmed: 14/01/2017

Very wet cycle back from work
Filmed: 03/09/2016

Loving the adidas Team GB 2016 cycling kit!
Filmed: 25/08/2016

Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle : 2016
Filmed: 30/07/2016

Nice wet Lycra!
Filmed: 16/06/2016

Older ones can be found below…

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