Taken during the End to End cycle. August 2009

Taken during the End to End cycle. August 2009

Cycling is something that I really love doing. It helps keep me fit and it gets me out the house. Which is a very good thing indeed, or I would just spend all my time playing on the net and watching way too much TV.

I enjoy cycling so much, that I have three bikes, which are Trek 830, Trek 810 and Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike. The Trek 810, is the one that I use when up in Killearn, Scotland seeing my friends and family. I use Trek 810 and the Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike ones the most, since they live with me in Castle Bytham, England.

Do I wear Lycra while cycling?

Nalini Columbia Highroad Team 2010 jersey and shorts 2010

Nalini Columbia Highroad Team 2010 jersey and shorts 2010

Yes of course. When you do has much cycling as I do, you really need to. Wearing a good pair of cycling shorts, helps to stop me from getting a sore bum. They also stop the wind from slowing me down so much. Even better still, they look and feel great on.

If you want to see lots of photos of me in my cycling gear then, check out my photo gallery. Also check out the recommended tags cycling and endtoend.

Cycling vlogs (updated section: 12/02/2018)

Below are my newest cycling vlogs, more can be found @

Mid-cycle wetsuit vlog
Filmed: 12/02/2018

Can’t stop wearing this wetsuit
Filmed: 23/01/2018

Cycling in the 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit
Filmed: 12/01/2018

First cycle of 2018
Filmed: 08/01/2018

WOW was the JOGLE really 8 years ago?
Filmed: 10/08/2017

Cycling statistics (updated section: 21/02/2018)

Below are my cycling statistics from the last two years. For data back to April 2003, check out the cycling statistics page.

2017 statistics

January: 252.2 (68+)
February: 108.1 (-258.7)
March: 498 (72.2+)
April: 403.1 (89+)
May: 494.2 (80.6+)
June: 777.5 (255.8+)
July: 320.2 (-492.6)
August: 447.1 (-106.9)
September: 140.6 (-43.7)
October: 302.3 (58.9+)
November: 356.5 (114.6+)
December: 33.1 (-288.1)

Total: 4,147.5 miles.

Current statistics (Updated: 21/02/2018)

January: 253 (0.8+)
February: 78.3 (-29.8)

Total: 331.4 miles.

Total miles: 49,772.7 (since April 2003).

Key: ( )=-/+ same month of previous year.

Favourite cycle routes

Below is information, route maps and photos of the cycles that I enjoy doing the most. Also check out my cycling maps section.

The routes are sorted by country, then by distance, with the shortest being first.

Routes in England

Routes in Scotland

Useful links (updated section: 05/12/2015)


  • – Bike reviews, bike gear, parts and accessories, over 30,000 cycling routes, news and race results.
  • CatEye – Cycle computers and bicycle lighting systems.
  • CTC – The UK’s national cyclists’ organisation.
  • British Cycling – The internationally recognised governing body of cycle sport in the UK.
  • National Cycle Network – Which has created over 10,000 miles of signed cycle routes.
  • – Maps designed for cyclists, showing cycle routes and infrastructure.


  • A.W. Cycles – A great bike shop.
  • Chain Reaction Cycles – A great cycling shop.
  • Edinburgh Bicycle – A great cycling shop, with lots of other useful stuff on their website too.
  • Evans Cycles – A great cycling shop.
  • In Gear Online – A great place to place cycling gear from.
  • Nelosporto – A great place to place cycling gear from.
  • Rutland Cycling – A great bike shop.
  • Sustrans shop – They sell a comprehensive selection of the very best cycle maps and guides. From National Cycle Network and family cycling to touring and mountain biking. Also take a look at our great range of clothing and accessories.
  • Wiggle – A great place to buy cycling gear.

Updated : 21/02/2018

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