May 112018

Not much to say… Just a mini vlog filmed up the Campsie Fells in Scotland. Yes it so some what windy.

Apr 272018

Just having a great cycle around Twyford Wood, which back in the 1940s was RAF North Witham. Also a look around the outside of the old control tower.

Apr 212018

Just a update about my car… if you watched my vlog that I filmed on Thursday, you will know that one of the breaks locked on… It’s been fixed, but set me back £620!!

Apr 112018

Just to show, I do sometimes cycle, in just a wetsuit!!! Also given my new GoPro Hero 5 Session it’s first real test.

Apr 072018

I love the 2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit so much, I can’t stop wearing it!!

Apr 062018

First outdoors vlog, wearing my new 2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit! So pleased with it, could well be, my new favourite wetsuit.

Mar 242018

That’s me now done 50,000 miles of cycling since April 2003!! Yep I’ve also had a hair cut! And see what one of my fans got me!!

Mar 052018

After a whole week, of snow and being very cold! It’s starting to warm up at long last! So, I of course, had to get the Lycra on and head out a cycle!

Feb 282018

WOW! It’s gone extra cold here in Lincolnshire, the Beast from the East is here!

Feb 272018

Having great fun in the snow, while wearing a winter wetsuit + straitjacket.

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