Mar 132018

I am so close to having cycled 50,000 miles, since April 2003!!

Mar 052018

After a whole week, of snow and being very cold! It’s starting to warm up at long last! So, I of course, had to get the Lycra on and head out a cycle!

Feb 252018

WOW! It’s gone so cold again in the UK! But that did not stop me, putting my Lycra on and getting out on the bike!

Feb 212018

So then want do you all think of my new KATUSHA ALPECIN 2018 team kit? I for one love it! 🙂

Feb 122018

Just stopped mid-cycle to do vlog, while wearing a wetsuit! It’s sure, I great way to keep warm while out on the bike!

Jan 232018

Yep, yet another cycle wearing the 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit!

Jan 122018

Been out a walk wearing the 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit, now it was of course time to get out cycling in it!

Jan 082018

Happy days! Just done the first cycle of 2018, the first of many of course!!

Nov 152017

Yep had my hair at long, long last! But also speaking about putting on weight, which of course, I am not best pleased about!

Nov 082017

So glad I was wearing a winter wetsuit for today’s cycle! It’s starting to really feel cold outdoors now!

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