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Vlog – 1 June 2020

Sure most of you, are getting bored of myself, just standing in front of the camera and speaking! So here is something a bit new! Yes of course, you still get to see myself in Lycra! Let me know, what you think.

P.S. Yes my second vlog in 4K!

Vlog – 26 May 2020

Welcome to my second vlog of May 2020! Which is my very first vlog filmed in 4K. Just speaking about all the cycling, I’ve been doing over the last number of weeks. Oh yes, back in my newest Lycra skinsuit again.

Vlog: 55,000 miles of cycling!

That’s me now done 55,000 miles of cycling, since April 2003. Well at least, I will have done, once I’ve cycled home after doing this vlog!

Still think the best cycle I’ve ever done, is of course cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End back in 2009! Do check out

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