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Vlog: WOW! That’s me just turned 41!

WOW! That’s me just turned 41! My plan, had be to do a cycle of 82 miles on my birthday! But since it’s was only around 14C to 16C, don’t really have the best weather extra long cycle. Still very pleased with 50.63 miles. You can check out the route at

P.S. Feel free to send me money for my birthday using Any money, I get will of course on go sexy Lycra gear!

Vlog: Yet another 200 miles on the bike! And even more fun!

Had another great week on the bike, ended up doing my second 200 mile week of this year so far! Also done another two, 50+ mile cycles! Had a mate up doing photos! Plus starting to think, what I will be doing for my 41 birthday! Goal is 82 mile cycle!

Vlog: 600 miles of cycling in August

That was another great month for cycling! I did just over 600 miles of cycling in August, making it the most I’ve done in a single month for a long time! Went to Skegness on a HST with Mark! Also had another mate up called Matt up for doing photos and just a good catch up!

Vlog: 200 miles of cycling in a week!

Well pleased with myself, done 200 miles of cycling this week! But still a long way off my record, that I set back in 2009, when I did 452.2 miles in single week. That was of course, while doing the End to End cycle.

Vlog – 1 June 2020

Sure most of you, are getting bored of myself, just standing in front of the camera and speaking! So here is something a bit new! Yes of course, you still get to see myself in Lycra! Let me know, what you think.

P.S. Yes my second vlog in 4K!

Vlog – 26 May 2020

Welcome to my second vlog of May 2020! Which is my very first vlog filmed in 4K. Just speaking about all the cycling, I’ve been doing over the last number of weeks. Oh yes, back in my newest Lycra skinsuit again.

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