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One of my interests is collecting model trains. Below is a list of some of the model trains, I have in my collection.

Diesel trains

Class 170

70/1 Turbostar 2 Car DMU Central Train

I got this train, since I used the real one. To get between Stamford and Liverpool Lime Street, all the time. To see my boyfriend, of the time David.

I got the 70/1 Turbostar 2 Car DMU ‘Central Train’ from The Model Centre in Nottingham.

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Class 43

BR Intercity 125 HST

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Class 52

‘Western Harrier’ D1008

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Class 142

BR ‘Skipper’ Twin Railbus Class 142

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Electric trains

Class 91

I got this set because it’s the GNER 225 train I used between Peterborough and Glasgow, when going home to visit my family. Since then GNER, was been succeeded by, National Express East Coast, East Coast, and Virgin Trains East Coast. It’s now run by LNER.

The GNER 225 Mallard Train Pack is made by Hornby. Got it brand new from eBay. It cost £69.00, the full list price was £89.99. So well pleased with, what I paid for it!

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Class 91

Class 91 (Intercity 225) in BR White and Red Livery

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Class 373

Eurostar Class 373 with 2 passenger Saloons

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Stream trains

Gordon the Big Engine

Gordon is a 4-6-2 similar to the Flying Scotsman, a LNER A3 class locomotive.

My boyfriend of the time, Robert. Got me, it as Christmas present.

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‘Hogwarts Castle’ Locomotive

My boyfriend of the time, Robert. Got me, this as birthday present.

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Power and Accessories

Colour light signal

Switches from red to green and back again. Operated by ‘on-on’ lever switch R046.

I have at least two of these colour light signals.

Double level crossing

Comes with track moulded into the base at intervals to suit standard Hornby twin-track geometry. Supplied with modern barriers, shown here or the alternative traditional gates.

I got this off eBay, I paid £11.95. Which is not too bad, since the recommended retail price on the Hornby website is £14.75. So I made a saving of £2.80.

HM 2000 transformer and speed controller

Hornby Product Code: R8012

A complete transformer and speed control unit with built-in control for two separate trains, extendable to four trains by adding slave control units (HM2000+). Power output is two Amps, with compensation to regularise speed under varying conditions of load. ‘Positive off’ rotary speed control cuts all power when the control knob is turned to Zero. Features include forward and reverse switch, plus LED indicators for mains supply and output power. Outputs include non-variable AC and DC power for point motors and other powered accessories.

Got this item off eBay. I paid £37.35. So I was well happy, as it listed as £63.50 on the Hornby website. So made a saving of £26.15.

HM 2000+ right hand DC controller

Hornby Product Code: R8013

HM2000+ controllers plug into the main power controller (HM2000) to increase the number of trains you can control at one time. Recommended maximum is two units, one plugged in on the left side of the main controller and one plugged in on the right, providing control for four trains in all. HM2000+ controllers have all the same control features as the HM2000 master unit.

Got this item off eBay. I paid £17.07. So I was well happy, as it listed as £29 on the Hornby website. So I made a saving of £11.93.

Turntable with motor

Hornby Product Code: R070

I have had a turntable for years. Not had it up and running years!

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Updated : 04/12/2020

5 Replies to “Model trains”

  1. I love your wee trains, and your whole site. Did you know that the intercity was originaly just a tempory train untill the tilting trains went in to service. Irony being the tilting trains didnt take off and now only one of the 3 exisit and the intercitys have been estimated to have a life span untill 2035.


  2. Hello G. This part of your website is really interesting to me because I like model railways. I still have my “train set”. It is all still in the original boxes up in the loft. The first set I got was made by Tri-ang (that dates me ,I’m afraid!) and I added to it over the years. I used to save up my pocket money to buy new things for it or add to it at Christmas. Unfortunately, the transformer broke and so it hasn’t had a “run” for years. I always have an urge at this time of year to buy a new boxed set (with a power supply) and set the whole thing up again. My friends tell me that it’s probably worth a bit, as it’s all in mint condition – but I couldn’t bring myself to part with it.

  3. Hi again Gordon….hope you are Well. Railways and Trains are another of my interest’s as well. Very impressed with your collection….Very nice..I really like old American Steam Railroads too and have a few models. My Late Dad was a Fireman in the 1960’s and my Grandad was a Driver.

  4. All I wanted as a kid was a model railway/trainset.And my Dad got me one. Great stuff !!!!

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