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various vlogs, I have done over the years, including some local bands and Wetsuitlads videos :)

Vlog: Back again, after being away for 2 months

Sorry I’ve been away for like 2 whole months! Just been super busy! Lost a job, got a new one! Seen my family for the first time in 18 months! Been to London and much more.

Filmed at Nottinghamshire’s least used railway station, Elton and Orston.

Emilie & Gordon’s 16 mile walk. Rutland Water Vlog

You should have all, seen the vlog, I filmed while walking around Rutland Water with Emilie. Now please, check out her one!

Make sure you check out my facts! We really do, need to get the BBC, to fact check them! LOL! I know, I got at least one of them wrong!

Vlog: England Day Walks | Rutland Water

Had great fun walking around Rutland Water with Emilie, which is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. Please do give her a follow at

The route, we took around Rutland Water, can be found at and

P.S. We never did, get that cake, always next time!

Vlog: 60,000 miles, since April 2003

That’s me, now cycled 60,000 miles, since April 2003. Also covered just over 1,000 miles so far this year alone. Plus a mini update on how the new job is going.

Do give me follow at

Vlog: Apply for two jobs, get one interview!

Really pleased with myself, only applied for two jobs so far and get one interview. Doubt, I will get it. Just over the moon. I’ve got an interview! Other than job hunting been, doing lots of cycling and walking! P.S. Yes wearing a wetsuit…

Vlog: First vlog in 4K along with the new mic!

Happy days! This time, I did remember to bring my new mic with me! In this new vlog, just speaking about all the cycling, I’ve done so far in 2021. When I’ve last seen my family and lots of other things.

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