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various vlogs, I have done over the years, including some local bands and Wetsuitlads videos :)

Vlog – 1 June 2020

Sure most of you, are getting bored of myself, just standing in front of the camera and speaking! So here is something a bit new! Yes of course, you still get to see myself in Lycra! Let me know, what you think.

P.S. Yes my second vlog in 4K!

Vlog – 26 May 2020

Welcome to my second vlog of May 2020! Which is my very first vlog filmed in 4K. Just speaking about all the cycling, I’ve been doing over the last number of weeks. Oh yes, back in my newest Lycra skinsuit again.

YouTube comments are not showing up!

No idea why, but the comments are not showing up on my newest YouTube video! Right now it’s only showing two comments, but had emails from YouTube saying it’s had more!

So here are some of ones, it’s not showing:-

paul kent commented: “You can probably make a claim on your house insurance, or bank account insurance pack. Or even your bike insurance.”

Rick Barkley commented: “Looking hot in your spiderman suite.”

maxi Purainer commented: “Nice 👌 can you next time put the Mask on?”

Stephen Graham commented: “Your video camera is still going strong! You look great in that Spidey suit.”

Vlog: Thanks wind! I now need a new camera!

Thanks wind! I now need a new camera! I was in the middle of doing new photos, when the wind blow my tripod over, with my camera on it! Let’s just say, it’s had better days!

Vlog: 55,000 miles of cycling!

That’s me now done 55,000 miles of cycling, since April 2003. Well at least, I will have done, once I’ve cycled home after doing this vlog!

Still think the best cycle I’ve ever done, is of course cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End back in 2009! Do check out

Vlog: Last vlog of this decade!

WOW! It’s New Years Eve! Which means tomorrow, is the start of a new decade! Where has the last 10 years gone?

P.S. Yes I did film this vlog on the 31st December 2019. Only just got around to editing and uploading it!

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