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Everyone knows that I love chastity, bondage, Lycra, rubber, wetsuits and much more!

Happy International Fetish Day 2024!

Happy International Fetish Day 2024 everyone! Hope you find the time to gear up! 😈

Here are just some of my favourite fetish photos…

RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit

Straitjacket + wetsuit

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014 + Clejuso handcuffs

Just hanging around!!

Spider-Man all helpless in SEGUFIX

Bondage + HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

Many more can be found at

WOW! Team Locked photo, has had 1,041 likes!

WOW! Thanks so much everyone! Right now this photo has had 1,041 likes over on my Instagram profile at

Team Locked means they are also locked in chastity devices, during their prison sentence!

Community Service at Fistral Beach, Newquay

These lads have been made to do Community Service at Fistral Beach in Newquay. Has part of there humiliation, they had to wear tight rubber wetsuits!

If you misbehaved, you would get put on display inside a glass chamber! Where you would, spend the rest of the day!

HUUB British Triathlon Thermal Balaclava

Loving my new HUUB British Triathlon Thermal Balaclava, that I got today! Now just need to get myself some HUUB gloves!

HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit + Clejuso handcuffs

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WOW! That’s me now 44!

WOW! That’s me just 44! No sure, I like this getting older thing! Getting way, way to close to being 50!!! HELP!!!!

But getting older, is not going to stop me for loving bondage, Lycra, wetsuit etc.. So here is “fun” photo, I took today!

Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle

Well that was a “fun” 14 mile cycle!!

Well that was a “fun” 14 mile cycle! It’s been sometime, since I stopped off mid-cycle and took some bondage/helpless type pics!

Sorry the lighting is not the best…. If I get some good feedback about these, I will take more very soon indeed!

Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle

Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle

My type of on-line shopping!!

WOW! This video has just about everything I love! A very sexy lad in rubber and bondage! Also hope he’s locked in a chastity device! I know, I should have been while watching this video!!

Do check him out at You need to be at least 18, to click on that link!