Nickname: G
Full name: Gordon Scott Valentine.
Relationship status: Single!
Age: 41.
Date of birth: Late September 1979.
Birthplace: Chorley.
Places I have lived: Leyland, Killearn, Castle Bytham, Little Bytham, Liverpool and Nottingham.
Favourite City(s): Glasgow and London.
Drink(s): 7up and Irn-Bru.
Band(s): R.E.M and Runrig.
Film: Beautiful Thing.
What social networking websites are you on? I am on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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      1. Its called ” Protect Me From What I Want ” Its on Youtube and you can check it out on Internet Movie Dater Base

    1. And a good group of friends who you can talk to. Who love you, immensely, who admire you for what you do. 😉

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