I really do hate job hunting!

Why, oh why is job hunting just so boring??? Don’t get my wrong I love my current job. Just I really need a job with more hours. Can’t really live on just doing 15 hours a week. Yes, you heard me right just 15 hours! Even if I could get my hours up to 25 hours a week. I would be more than happy. But I already do the maximum number of hours I can at my current job. Since they are only open 3 nights a week.

As much, as I love my current job.  Which is a bar supervisor at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. I have been working at the dog track for just over 10 years. I only started working there, while I tried to sort my life out. 10 years later. I am still there.

So it’s about time, I move on and try to set myself some new goals in life…

This time next year. I want to have another job, even if it’s another one on top of my current job.

Oh and I have been looking at www.syha.org.uk/about-us/job-vacancies.aspx a lot for jobs! So yes, I may even move back to Scotland!!

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