Aug 182017

Some great news, if like myself you don’t believe in pay TV! FreeSports is joining Freesat at some point this August or September, and it will appear on channel 252.

More information can be found over at

Aug 132017

That’s me just set a new personal record on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve now set a new most steps in a day, which now stands 36,769.

So well and truly beat the record I set last Sunday of 29,403 steps.

Then I guess that is what happens, when you do a 16.2 mile walk on Cooper Day! Don’t believe me? Then check out the walk at

Aug 102017

This time, 8 years ago I would have been cycling between Tongue to Carbisdale Castle. A distance of 47.9 miles. Still can’t believe that I did it!

Here is some breaking news, I’ve hoping to do it again in the summer of 2019! But can’t stay at Carbisdale Castle again, since it’s no longer a youth hostel! 🙁

You can check route between we took between Tongue to Carbisdale Castle @

Aug 092017

WOW! Was it really 8 years ago today, that I started an adventure of a life time? Yep it really was! On this day back in 2009, I started the first day of the End to End cycle. So in other words cycling all the way from John O’Groats at the top of mainland Scotland to Land’s End! A cycle of 990 miles, taken 16 days!

Here are some photos from day one, which took us from John O’Groats to Tongue a distance of 64.23 miles.

Mike and myself @ John O'Groats

You can also check out the route we took @

Aug 072017

So Nick is back at some point in October for another cycle or two… Which Lycra, would you love to see him wearing next? So far, he’s wore the BMC Racing Team kit and the Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team kit.

Check out to see what, other Lycra I have. Then comment, below saying which gear, you would like to see him wearing next!

Nick and myself cycling
Nick and myself cycling

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