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Xmas is just about here… Updated my amazon wishlist!!

Since Xmas is just about here, I’ve updated my amazon wishlists… Anyone want to be extra nice and get me anything?!?! Like they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get!!

I’ve made the following lists:-

So far visited 29 extra railway stations in 2021

So far during 2021, I’ve visited an extra 29 railway stations! Hoping to end the year, on at least 40! See what happens!

My favourite new railway station of 2021 so far…. Has to be… Berney Arms!

Mark G, Cooper and myself at Berney Arms railway station

Myself at Berney Arms railway station

Here is the 2021 list so far…

  1. Berney Arms
  2. Brunstane
  3. Carlton
  4. Clapham Junction
  5. Dover Priory
  6. Dunblane
  7. Edinburgh Park
  8. Eskbank
  9. Galashiels
  10. Gorebridge
  11. Great Yarmouth
  12. Haddiscoe
  13. Jordanhill
  14. London Blackfriars
  15. Lowdham
  16. Lowestoft
  17. Musselburgh
  18. Netherfield
  19. Newcraighall
  20. Newtongrange
  21. Oulton Broad North
  22. Oulton Broad South
  23. Radcliffe
  24. Reedham
  25. Shawfair
  26. Somerleyton
  27. Stow
  28. Tweedbank
  29. Vauxhall

The full list can be found at

Winter is here! So cold weather gear is back!

Winter is officially here in the UK! It was 3C, with a feels like temperature of -2C! So glad, I did not get wet today, like yesterday! That was not FUN!! Plus I really need to find my hat, plus get some new winter gloves!

Check out the route, I took at

My main goals for 2022…

These are my main goals for 2022. These are not in any order at all…

  • Spend more time, seeing friends and family (Only if they have been at least double vaccinated).
  • Cycle 100 miles in a single ride! Yes, I keep saying that, maybe 2022 will be when I do it again!
  • Cycle at least 6x, 50 mile cycles.
  • Cycle at least 3x, 65 mile cycles.
  • Cycle at least 3,500 miles.
  • Go more cycles with mates!
  • Get many more Trophies on Strava!
  • Visit many more UK railways stations!
  • Walk 1,000 miles again in year!
  • Climb at least, two or three more mountains.
  • Get my weight back under control!
  • Keep my credit card balance below £200!
  • Keep doing record hours at work!

If, I can think of anything else. I will update this post! 🙂

What are your goals for 2022? Why, not post them here!?!?!?

3,000 miles, tick!!! (Got so WET!!)

That’s me now cycled just over 3,000 miles this year! That may sound a lot…. Then last year, I did just over  over 4,000 miles. Think, I will only do 3,250 miles this year, if that!

Oh and I got so wet today! It was not even funny! Don’t mind getting wet during the summer, when the rain is at least warm! I was, cold, very cold indeed, by the time I got back home!

Check out my route at

Wet, very wet indeed!

Wearing Synergy Swimrun wetsuit outdoors

Wearing the Synergy Swimrun wetsuit outdoors, for the very first time! You will have to take my word for it, it was very cold indeed!

Oh and after doing these photos, I drove over 150 miles home, still wearing the wetsuit!

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit + Neoprene Pup Hood

More photos can be found at

Had a “fun” evening in gear!

Since for first time in weeks, I had the place to myself. I geared up in my new Synergy Swimrun wetsuit and took some fun photos… 😈

Got any ideas for photos?!?! Do let me know…

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit

Oxygen Advantage Sports Mask

More photos can be found at

VeloViewer Infographic : 29 October 2021 @veloviewer

Here is the updated version of my VeloViewer Infographic. Which shows all my cycling and walking data from 01/01/2021 to 29/10/2021.

Where it says running… That’s my walking data!

Goals for 2021… Update : 18/10/2021

So far, I’ve done…

  • Found a new job and loving it!!
  • Making, more money than I was (Way more!!!)
  • Got to see some of my family, twice now!
  • Walked 1,000 miles again!

Made a good start with…

  • Cycle at least 4,000 miles (think, I will only make 3,500 miles) – So far cycled 2,823.1

Still to do…

  • Seeing the rest of my family.
  • Cycle 100 miles in a single ride! Done this before, but not for a long time (think that will be 2022 now).
  • Go more cycles with mates!
  • Visit many more UK railways stations (Now only if, the face mask wearing law comes back)!
  • Climb at least, two or three more mountains (think that will be 2022 now).
  • Been single for 12 years, maybe time to fix that!
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