Sep 182018

That sure was a great afternoon in Nottingham, with Mark T! For me, is was a trip down memory lane, since I lived in Nottingham for a while, way back in 2001! When I was dating a lad called David! I really had, forgotten was a nice city, Nottingham is!

It was also great fun using the Nottingham Trams, for only the second time! Need to go back again, really soon and use them again!

More photos from this set can be seen at

Sep 172018

I could not, really put if off any more! At long, long last, I’ve had my hair cut! 🙂

I can see again!

Sep 152018

Freesat has added catch-up service UKTV Play to its On Demand offering, with catch-up TV available via the UKTV Play app or the rollback TV guide.

So you will be able to catch-up up on shows from Dave, Yesterday, Really and Drama 🙂

Sep 142018

Here is a mini list of just some of the people, I would follow on Strava, if I was you!

Also make sure you, follow myself at

If you can think of any others, then do let me know!

Sep 122018

I would recommend that you follow Chris Peltzer on both Instagram and Strava. Since you get to see photos like this!

Sep 102018

I can now add Ealing Broadway and Slough, to the list of railway stations, that I’ve used!

Slough railway station

Sep 042018

I met up with my friend Mark T (not not my house mate, this is another Mark), who got a LNER train service from, King’s Cross at 1:06pm, which got into Grantham at 2:19pm. Then we got the East Midlands Trains, which left Grantham at 2:27 and got us in Skegness at around 4:56pm.

Then we had a good walk around, took many photos, had some food before getting the 6:14pm service back to Grantham. Then we waited around at Grantham rail station, till Mark’s next train to London, which turned up at 8:19pm.

We had so much fun! Already planning our next railway trip!

Sep 042018

So happy that Geoff, has made Another episode of ‘Secrets…’ this time, all about the Glasgow Subway, in my home City of Glasgow! 🙂

Sep 032018

That’s me just set a record on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve now set a new most steps in a week.

The new total stands at 145,931, for the week from the 27 August to 2 September 2018.

Sep 022018

That’s me just walked another canal, this time the Nottingham and Beeston canal.

More photos of the Nottingham and Beeston canal can be seen at

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