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Third cycle of May 2022

Happy days, just done my third cycle of the month! I did 23.68 miles, which takes my monthly total up to 68.32 miles. Really hoping, I will end the month on at between 250 to 300 miles! See what happens!

You can, check out the route at

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

List of Bugsy’s longest walks so far : 6 May 2022

Here is list, of the four longest walks that Bugsy has done so far!

Mark G, Bugsy and myself

  1. Gaddesby to Queniborough Circular – 6.15 miles
  2. Grantham Canal – 6.89 miles
  3. Deenethorpe, Weldon Park, Blackthorn Lodge, Upper Benefield Circular – 8.08 miles
  4. GUC Leicester Line : Day 5 – 10.22 miles

He’s also been a walk in the following Counties:-

  • Leicestershire
  • Lincolnshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Rutland

Check out for many cute photos of Bugsy.

Second cycle of May 2022

Happy days! Just been out another cycle! So glad the weather is staring to warm up! I did 20.79 miles!

You can, check out the route at

P.S. Here is the one and only photo from the cycle! Which everyone was loving on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve got, no idea why 😈

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

First cycle of May 2022

That’s me just done my first cycle of May 2022! I did 23.83 miles, so more than pleased with that! Goal is at least 250 to 300 miles this month! Let’s see what happens…

You can, check out the route at

Myself at Great Ponton

Bugsy did his first ever 10 mile walk!!

Well pleased with Bugsy! He went on his first ever 10 mile walk! Which took us along the Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal, starting off at Foxton Locks.

You can, check out the route we took at

Bugsy at Foxton Locks

Mark G, Bugsy and myself

Many more photos can be found at

The Bugsy explores map is getting bigger!

Can’t believe we (Mark G and myself) only got Bugsy on 11th March 2022! He’s already been to so many places… His exploring map will grow and grow FAST!

Check out his photos and map over at

So far got, 52 Trophies on Strava during 2022

So far during 2022, I’ve got 52 Trophies on Strava! Still a long, long way to go beat the 288, that I got during 2021. Then we are only 90 days into the year…

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2022 travel map : update 31 March 2022

So far 2022, has got off to a slow start, travelling wise! Had so many big plans, they all got put on hold after losing the love of my life Cooper… Will restart them all soon, now that Bugsy and myself are starting to bond.

Of course, also need to start getting out on bike way more! Just about lost interest in that and well just about everything else. After losing Cooper… It’s been now close to 4 weeks and still can’t get my head around it!

Of course, Cooper would want me to be happy again! Trying my best, just finding it hard going!

Here is mini map, of some of places, I’ve been too so far in 2022…

Please do check out

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