First cycle of 2018!

Happy days! That’s me just done the first cycle of 2018! It was a bit on the cold side, had to really watch out for ice on the roads! Gong by my Garmin Edge 1000 the average temp temperature 0.4°C. I am sure it was a wee bit warming than that!

Since it was cold, I was of course wearing a wetsuit under my cycling gear! This time it was the O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit.

Like always, I’ve posted my route to Strava, you can check it out

First cycle of 2018
First cycle of 2018
First cycle of 2018

Tom Holland playing golf has Spider-Man

Tom Holland playing golf, while wearing his very sexy Spider-Man costume. If this was the new golf uniform. I would sure, take it up!

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