Boyz magazine


One of my friends knows the editor of Boyz and asked if I wanted to be “probed”. So I said yes thinking that it was only a joke and would ever happen. So I answered the questions, then emailed them, with a photo (a bad one at that) to the editor. Never thinking anything of it. Then 2 weeks later, I was in Boyz. I just wish now that I had got a better photo done.

Below is what I said… Oh the website has now closed down.

Gordon Valentine, Scottish webmaster, Talks to Boyz

  • Full name and age? Gordon Scott Valentine, and I’m 20.
  • Best aspect of your work? I’m a student is that work?
  • Worst aspect? No money, and people don’t like students.
  • Where do you want to be in five years time? Living in my own place.
  • When did you last have sex? Way to long ago.
  • Do you have a boyfriend? No. Any offers.
  • He’s perfect except…? He can only be perfect if I had one.
  • What’s your ‘type’? The David Beckham, and Stephen Gately’s of the world.
  • Fantasy date? David Beckham. He must be in his football kit.
  • I wish I’d learnt…? To say no, to giving people money. When I don’t have any myself.
  • I secretly quite like…? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  • What can you cook? Anything I like, in other words not a lot.
  • Where do you buy your underwear? M&S.
  • How often do you phone your mother? Never, I live with her.
  • Who should be locked up? Me because I need help!
  • Worst drunken escapade? Trying to get off, with one of my best friends from college.
  • Last night I dreamt…? That I was having, mad sex, with this guy from college.
  • Life has taught me…? If you don’t ask him you, won’t get him.

Gordon is Webmaster of the Gay Glasgow site (, the best site we’re found covering the Glasgow gay scene.