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First time at Petrol Station wearing a wetsuit

So after the walk at Stainmore Summit, wearing the HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit. I had to choose to keep it on or take it off. I was like if AI Lads, can do it! So can I!

But it mean, I no choice but to keep it on for the rest of the drive back to England! So around 150 miles of driving! Which took me just over 3 hours! Just wish it had been day light the whole way! In the summer, I will need to do it again!

I did, have to stop off at a Petrol Station on the way back! I did go for easy option and put a jumper on over the top of the wetsuit! Once back in car, the jumper came back off again!

Here is a mini video, to show it really did happed!!

Vlog: Life update – 20/06/2023

Yes, the date of the vlog is correct! Just took me this long to get it off the camera, edited and uploaded…

You can check out the walk, I did while recording the vlog at www.strava.com/activities/9302119143

Oh and here are some pics, I took before setting off on the walk… Which shows, I was really wearing a Lycra skinsuit under my normal clothes.

Synergy Navy Cycling Skinsuit

Team GB adidas Varilite Down Hooded Jacket

Vlog: Life update – 27/02/2023

Just a mini update on how well Bugsy is going! Hard to believe, that I’ve had him for close to one year… Which also means, it coming up to one year, since Cooper passed away… Still miss him, each and every day!