Jun 222017

I am getting so close to doing 600 miles of cycling this month, right now I am at 589.4 miles! Making it the most miles, I’ve done in a single month since July of last year, when I did 812.8 miles. Doubt, I will make that many, but would be happy with anything over 700 miles!

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Jun 212017

That’s me now cycled to and from work 12 times this year! So only need to do it, two more times. Than I will have equalled the most times, that I set back in 2014. So that, will be very easy to bet indeed!

Who knows, may cycle to and from work, over 30 times this year! Which would be truly amazing, since I would have saved 1,400 car miles!

Jun 112017

That’s me now cycle to and from work 9 times this year! So I’ve already saved enough car miles to drive all the way from theBythams to Fort William, which is 405 miles away!

Which is great news, since I am going there in July with Nick, to climb up Ben Nevis!

So now just need to work on getting 9 cycles up to 18! So driving to Fort William and back again, will not cost anything. By the time, you add all miles in, I’ve saved from cycling to and from work!

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