Love cycling with mates in Lycra

Going out cycling with mates in Lycra, is so much fun! Just wish more of my mates were into cycling (and Lycra)!

Tristan and myself in Lycra
Nick and myself cycling
Nick and myself cycling
Nick and myself cycling

6 Replies to “Love cycling with mates in Lycra”

  1. Well Yummy! Are these friends with benefits? You lucky Dawg! ride on Gordon. Thanks for sharing
    Gabriel xox

  2. Great pic’s G., is pic 1 a newbie cycling friend we haven’t seen B4; he’s a bit hot in that black gear. What’s his phone number he he.

  3. I’m a cyclist from the Tinkoff team. I adore guys in bicycle lycra outfits! I have many friends from various bike teams who love Lycra outfits. This is our fetish.

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