Dec 072017

Not long back in from only the second cycle of December 2017. Not been doing much cycling the last week or so, since it’s turned cold, very cold! But at least my O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit keeps me nice and warm!

You can check out, the route I took at

Winter cycling
O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit
O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit

Dec 012017

It’s time, to try posting my monthly cycling statistics again! Not done it, since June 2016! Opps!

Please remember you can follow my cycling adventures over @

Here is the data from November 2017:-

  • Total cycles: 19.
  • Total Distance: 356.46 miles.
  • Total Time: 31:38:06 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 11.2 mph.
  • Max Time: 02:22:19 (h:m:s).
  • Max Speed: 35.7 mph.
  • Avg Distance: 18.76 miles.
  • Max Distance: 28.02 miles (Single cycle).

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Here are my favourite cycling photos from the month:-

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuitO’Neill Gooru 2/1 ShortiWetsuit cycling

Nov 262017

It’s always a good idea, to set yourself some goals! Since it, can give you a reason, to get out of bed in the mornings! Also the more people you tell about them, the more likely you are to do them!

So here, are my current exercise goals on the Garmin Connect website. Please also check out my profile at

Nov 072017

First time I’ve had the Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit on since September 2016, when I did the Crow Road and the Stockiemuir cycle.

Not long after doing these photos it started to piss it down! So was, really glad, I was wearing a wetsuit!!

Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit
Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run setsuit
Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit

Nov 022017

Yep it’s starting to feel colder! So it’s wetsuit cycling time again! I need to find a way to keep myself warm, while out on the bike! Also I am sure, most of you are bored, of all the Lycra photos by now!! LOL!

Wetsuit cycling
Wetsuit cycling
Wetsuit cycling

Oct 312017

Since it’s getting to the time of year, that I start doing less cycling. Due to it being colder and getting less daylight. I’ve been looking at the data again from the End to End cycle. that I did back in August 2009.

I am still really hoping to do it again in 2019! But we will see what happens!

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