Killearn to Loch Arklet cycle

Another day, another cycle blog. Think this will be the last cycle I get to do in Scotland, before going back to home to England on Monday. I am well pleased with myself, I got in four cycles this trip. Done the most miles I have done in Scotland, since August 2009. Been on lots of roads, I have never cycled on before in my life.

So now on with today’s cycle. For the first section of the cycle, I followed much of the same route as the Duke’s Pass cycle, that I did on Sunday 11th October. But instead of following the National Cycle Network (route 7), I turned onto the B829 (Lochard Road).

Then I followed that road, all the way up to Loch Arklet. When I set off I was hoping to make it all the way to Inversnaid, but I had to turn around at Loch Arklet, if I had kept on going. There was no way, I would have made it home before it got dark.

I don’t think I could have picked, a better place to turn around. Check out the view yourself using Google Steetview to see what I mean! Here is the URL for the the view  to save yourself for having to find it:

[streetview width=”100%” height=”250px” lat=”56.253987″ lng=”-4.589881999999989″ heading=”-173.75806451612902″ pitch=”1.4516129032258114″ zoom=”1″][/streetview]

And before I leave you will the normal stuff. Here are some interesting statistics for you. In just four cycles, my elevation gain stands at 2,196 metres or 1.36 miles. It’s also like cycling one and a half times the height of Ben Nevis.

Photos from the cycle:-

Sorry I only got three photos during the cycle. It was pissing it down most of the time. I did not want to get the camera any wetter than I had to.

Loch ArkletB829 near Loch ArkletB829 near Loch Arklet

Route map:-

Elevation graph:-

Route statistics:-

  • Distance: 44.79 miles.
  • Time: 3:37:15 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 12.4 mph.
  • Max Speed: 26 mph.
  • Elevation Gain: 563 meters.

Data from: Garmin Connect.

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  1. Just checked your cycling statistics. Over 21000 miles since 2003. That’s the equivalent of cycling to Australia and halfway home again. Pretty impressive by any standards.

  2. Were you surprised to find that your elevation gain was more than the height of Ben Nevis?

    The stats in total are more than impressive, they are absolutely mind blowing!

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