May 032019

I of course, ticked off Edinburgh Waverley railway station a long, long time ago! But I’ve just been sorting out photos! While having a wee look, back at East Coast Trains, when they use to run the most trains on the ECML!

More photos can be found over at

May 022019

Yep it’s #HarryPotterDay! So here is a wee look back to when, I did the Hogwarts Express, which is actually the called Jacobite Train.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Apr 292019

Here are some photos, I took of First Caledonian Sleeper, in Fort William back in August 2014. When it was still run by the First ScotRail franchise. Now the Caledonian Sleeper has been split into a new franchise, operated by Serco.

More photos can be found over at

Apr 052019

That’s me now visited 100 of the railway stations in the UK! I’ve still got a long, long way to go! Since they are 2,560 of them, at my last check!

Full list of the ones, I’ve visited so far can be found at

Here are my favourite 5 so far…

# 1 – Corrour
Corrour railway station
Corrour railway station

# 2 – Duncraig
Duncraig railway station
Duncraig railway station

# 3 –  Glasgow Central

Glasgow Central railway station

# 4 – Kyle of Lochalsh
Kyle of Lochalsh railway station

# 5 – North Queensferry
North Queensferry railway station
North Queensferry railway station

So what are your favourite railway stations in the UK, or why not even in the world?

Mar 252019

Got to say, that Cooper is one, very, very well travelled dog! You can, see from his photo gallery below! 🙂

Mar 142019

I am going miss seeing the Class 365s trains in Scotland. Since Scotrail is replacing, them all with the new Hitachi Class385 trains, in the next number of weeks.

Mar 062019

I’ve started working on a National Cycle Network photo map. I’ve used the network so many times, over the years for cycling, walking and while doing the End to End cycle back in 2009.

Still, got many photos to add to this map, but very pleased with my process so far…

Also, done a page, that breaks the National Cycle Network, down into routes.

Mar 042019

Happy 129th Birthday To the Forth Bridge! A magnificent Structure in Scotland!

Forth Bridge
Forth Bridge
Forth Bridge
Forth Bridge from North Queensferry

Jan 172019

Since everyone else is doing the #TenYearsChallenge. It’s about time, that I joined in!

First photo is from 2009, while doing the End to End cycle. Second is from 2019, while walking up Ben A’an.

Jan 082019

Glasgow Central railway station is the busiest in Scotland. But it happens to be, the one I use the least! Mainly due to fast, you can’t get many direct train to it from Peterborough any more. Like you could under the GNER days! Which is one, of the main reasons, I started mainly driving to/from Scotland and stopped using the train!

LNER, is doing a way better job than both National Express East Coast and Virgin Trains East Coast, ever did! But, I still would rate GNER has the best railway franchise the UK ever had!

GNER at Glasgow Central
Platform 13 at Glasgow Central railway station
Class 380 at Glasgow Central railway station

More photos can be found over at

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