Apr 122019

Well that was another fun afternoon Geocaching, while out cycling! I found 7, which takes my total up to 291 finds!

I also covered a distance of 20.11 miles, during the Geocaching.

Check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/activities/2284234379.

Apr 092019

Red telephone box at EdmondthorpeI need to thank, Cooper, yes Cooper my dog for getting me back into Geocaching.

He went looking for water, so I followed him, to see, what water he had found and in the process found a geocache. Which lead to me installing the app on my phone, then finding another two geocaches during the walk!

So once, back from walk him. I of course, had to go out cycling. Which in turn, lead me on to find another 16 of them.

Looking at the Geocaching website. Turns out, it’s the first ones, I’ve found once 2016! Going by today, think I’ve got the bug again!

Oh and I even found a new red telephone box, while out cycling! Oh OK, not new, but you get what, I mean!

Jan 112019

That’s me now done my third cycle of 2019! Do think, I need to come up with a better title! Will get boring, when it reads, 100 cycle of 2019! LOL!

I did 21.55 miles, making is the longest cycle of the year so far! Also the cycle with the bigger elevation gain, which was 254 metres. But my average speed was way down to 10.8 mph.

Oh and also, when I was out cycling. I got to see something that does not happy very often and that was a closed A1. Which was due to lorry overturned, south of Colsterworth.

You can check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/activities/2071027105

Jan 102019

Hedge cuttingThat’s me just done the second cycle of 2019! This time, I did 20.02 miles. Which, I am happy with. My average speed was not the best, at only 11 mph. But my body, is will getting over the cold/flu bug thing. So, I am just happy to be out on the bike!

Oh and yes, one of the signs, that I hate seeing the most, was out during my cycle! And that’s the hedge cutting one!

You can check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/activities/2068931576

Jan 092019

That’s me just done the first cycle of 2019! It was only 14.03 miles, but during that, I cycled in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland!

You can check out the route, I took over www.strava.com/activities/2066564920

Jan 242017

Sure did feel great being back out on the bike, after not doing any cycling at all for over a week. Due to have bad cold/bug thing!

I did 32.36 miles, which makes it the longest cycle of year so far!

You can check out the route I took @ www.strava.com/activities/842791633.

Dec 212016

WOW! Can’t believe that’s the last cycle of 2016 done! Can’t believe just how fast the year has gone! Only feels like yesterday is was 2006! Back to the cycle, I did 19.38 miles. Which takes my monthly total to 321.3 miles. Total for the year 4,583.8, which is 2,993.6 more miles that I did last year! Which shows just how bad 2015, was cycling wise!

You can check out the route of the cycle, along with stats @ www.strava.com/activities/808310380.

Aug 102016

Garmin Edge 1000 - 10-08-2016That’s the first cycle to work of 2016, done at long last! The cycle took 1:35:53 (h:m:s), which is not bad going, since it’s 23.8 miles. My average speed was 14.9 mph. So the best average speed for any cycle so far this year!

Just hoping the weather is good again on Friday, so I can do it all over again!

You can check out the full statistics from the cycle @ www.strava.com/activities/671282421.

Mar 052013

My website is back in the top 10 of The most influential cycling blogs. It may only be at 10, but I am still more than happy with that!! It’s up 3 places from January 2013.

Don’t believe me? Then check out labs.ebuzzing.co.uk/top-blogs/cycling.

Top blogs cycling February 2013

Jul 312012

Just to think I was happy in June when this website was 8 out of 20 in the “The most influential blogs Cycling – Sort by influence”. This month it’s jumped up to number 6!! Don’t believe me then check out labs.ebuzzing.co.uk/top-blogs/cycling.

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