May 162018

Having a great time here in Cyprus so far!

Apr 302018

It’s not long at all again, till I go back to Cyprus!! So here are some photos from my previous trips…


Many more photos can be seen @

Apr 182018

DSC09617Since it’s #WorldHeritageDay, here is list of the ones, that I’ve been to in the UK…

  • The Lake District National Park, England.
  • Dorset & East Devon Coast, England.
  • Forth Bridge, Edinburgh, Inchgarvie & Fife, Scotland.
  • Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, England.
  • New Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
  • Edinburgh Old and New Towns, Scotland.
  • Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, Greater London, England.
  • Tower of London, Greater London, England.
Dec 312017

There of course, could only be one favourite walk of 2017! That would of course be the walk that, I did with Nick up Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in the British Isles!!

And just to show that we really did it! The route we took can be seen at

Here are some amazing photos, from a truly amazing walk!!

More photos from this set can be found @

Oct 192017

That’s me just updated the list of Historic Scotland sites, that I’ve been to. I’ve added the following to my list…

Cambuskenneth Abbey

Elcho Castle

Huntingtower Castle

Sep 232017

That was a great sightseeing tour! It’s a great way to see lots of Cyprus! Also helps make me feel young! Since I was by far the youngest person on the tour!

Sep 192017

Yet another great day in Cyprus! Only max of 30C today! Last year it was over 35C some days! 

Sep 182017

Sorry will not be that many website updates for the next two weeks due to being in Cyprus!!

Apr 162017

That’s me just climbed Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea. Even the bad weather did not stop us from having great fun! Oh and say hello my vlog guests James and Shaun!

Check out the route we took at

Apr 162017

First of all got to say a big thanks to Shaun for doing all the driving today!! And of course to his Dad, for letting him use his car! Got to say that he’s a great driver! Felt safe 100% of the time!

We all had amazing time! Even the crap weather did not stop us, from making it all the way to the top! Extra well done to Shaun for climbing his first mountain. Let’s hope, he’s now got the bug and that, I talk him into doing Scafell Pike. Which is the highest mountain in England.

And of course, also well done to James! Who was, feeling it from the off! Then like me, he’s more into cycling than walking! We all made it, to the top and back down safe. Which is the main thing!

Just wish the weather had been better! But that just makes me really, want to do it again! Hoping we get better views the next time!!

You can check out the route we took at and also

Snowdon Summit with Shaun
Snowdon Summit with James and Shaun

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