Done 19,999.5 miles on the bike (since April 2003)

I can’t belive that I have done 19,999.5 miles on the bike, since April 2003. If I had knowing I was only half a mile away from the big 20,000 miles. I would have stayed out on the bike for just a bit longer.  The way I am going I will have beating last years record of 4,001.3 miles by the end of the month. Since I only have to do 561.6 miles before the month is out. Then I have till the end of the year to try to do 1,000 to get up to 5,000 which is my goal by the end of the year.

Oh I am sure you will have worked it out by now, I was doing more geocaching while out in the bike. I found 6, so bringing my total finds up to 88. Hoping to get that to 100 before the week is out. So just hope that the weather stays nice. Glad that I did not lose anything while out, yesterday I went and lost a set of keys, never lost a set of keys in my life, till now.

I did have some bad luck wile out on the bike, I had not even done 5 miles. When I got a flat tyre but at the least it was the front for once, so did not take to long to fix.

Here are some photos from the cycle:-

Oh and before I go. Did you know this website is in the top 10 cycle blog rankings in the UK? Well it is, and if you don’t believe me check out So that is one of the reasons I have been posting so much cycling stuff.

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