First cycle wearing white Lycra of 2016!

Since you voted for it, I went out cycling wearing white Lycra for the first time this year! If you don’t follow me on twitter, then you miss out on fun polls like this! So remember to follow me!

Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit

2 Replies to “First cycle wearing white Lycra of 2016!”

  1. Oh My Gawd…….Mate……..those photo’s are back on my screen again ! Well Mate I will wish you a very good Sunday afterrnoon and see that you should be having a really fantastic day on June 23rd……..hmmmmm have said anything about these photo’s yet……..hmmmmmm you already know what I think, but what the hell……okay smiley face, you are looking really lovely in your “delicious ” white Garmin Kit. You know, I hope none of your Cycling kit ever wears out…….I think, the ones of us who are into Cycling, need to be on the lookout for possible replacement kit to suggest you obtain in the future. Maybe your next ride will be in that lovely HTC Kit !! 🙂

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