Mar 182019

Which is better? Rubber or wetsuits? Oh and thanks to Kevin for being so much fun!

Mar 172019

Was so much fun seeing Kevin again! Already looking forward to seeing him again!

Mar 142019

I am going miss seeing the Class 365s trains in Scotland. Since Scotrail is replacing, them all with the new Hitachi Class385 trains, in the next number of weeks.

Mar 122019

WOW! I’ve been wanting to get this working for so long… At long last, my photo gallery now shows the latest 16 photos along the top!

All it took, was for me to do some PHP editing! 🙂

Mar 112019

After trying out a mates Clejuso handcuffs, I really had to get a set of my own! These of photos of myself locked in my mates ones. I will get photos, of myself locked in my own ones very soon indeed!

P.S. I will of course, get Kevin in these, this coming Sunday! 🙂

Totally helpless in Fetters Padded Fist Mitts & Padded Leather Muzzle
otally helpless in Fetters Padded Fist Mitts & Padded Leather Muzzle

Check out more photos @

Mar 102019

I’ve just updated my heritage railways map. It should, now just about include photos of all the heritage railway lines that I’ve visited.

Just added the following to the map…

  • Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.
  • Mid Norfolk Railway.
  • North Norfolk Railway.
  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
  • Strathspey Railway.

Mar 082019

Just started, make a photo map, of all (once I’ve finished it) the Heritage railways, that I’ve visited in the UK.

So far, I’ve only added the following to the map…

  • Bluebell Railway.
  • Great Central Railway.
  • Severn Valley Railway.
  • Swanage Railway.

I will add, more very soon!

Mar 072019

Just updated the National Cycle Network sub section of my website.

I had to re-uploaded every single photo. After flickr changed the rules on how many photos, you could host with them! I had over 6,000 photos, hosted with them. Now the max you can have is 1,000 photos. If you want to have more, you have to pay! Like I am doing to do that! So I’ve moved all the photos back over to my own web space!

So, at least I have full control over all my own photos again!

Mar 062019

I’ve started working on a National Cycle Network photo map. I’ve used the network so many times, over the years for cycling, walking and while doing the End to End cycle back in 2009.

Still, got many photos to add to this map, but very pleased with my process so far…

Also, done a page, that breaks the National Cycle Network, down into routes.

Mar 052019

Well that turned out to be a extra good cycle! I was only hoping to do around 20 miles, but ended up doing 33.53 miles, making it my longest cycle of 2019! Also cycled up a hill, I’ve never done before! It was 12%, so looking forward to doing that one again!

You can check out the route, I took over at

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