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Getting ready for mini, mini break…

Getting ready for mini, mini break… Looking forward to some much needed time off work! The whole reason for going, is I want to be busy doing stuff. Since it two years on the 4th March, that Cooped passed away…

Even two years, after it happened. Even now, things set me off and I am crying my eyes out!

So just need to get away and make even more great memories with Bugsy… Who really has helped me out these getting him! He was very, very hard work to start off with! NOW LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!

So, I got AI to make some photos of cute lads wearing rubber in the Lake District.

Instagram likes over the last year!

WOW! Still can’t believe all the likes, my AI Art Work is getting over on Instagram! The top one with 8,605 likes, is more than all my real life photos get in a whole year added together!

British Cadets doing high humidity training

These British Cadets at first were very happy when they told they was going on high humidity training week! They was thinking, it meant going to nice and hot country. But no! It was week in rubber suits and respirator masks, going on long distance runs. In the Scottish Highlands!