First cycle of March 2016… DONE!

That’s the first cycle of March 2016, done! I did 21.1 miles, meaning I’ve only got 204 more miles left to do, then I will have done more miles than in March of last year! Which should be very easy to do!

I will now leave you will some photos from the cycle! This time I am wearing the blueseventy axium wetsuit, since I am sure lots of you, are getting bored of seeing the Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit all the time!

Out cycling
blueseventy axium wetsuit
blueseventy axium wetsuit

3 Replies to “First cycle of March 2016… DONE!”

  1. Excellent young sir ! I enjoy your posts and because I am a long term recovery from a detached retina from last year I cannot exercise ( more then walking , which I do great amounts of ) I enjoy your mileage posts, I bought a new bike last spring but have yet to ride it, Where I live in Canada is buried under too much snow so it will be a while, plus not being able to lift the bike, so keep up the rides, posts and I’ll celebrate with you. Oh I as well as likely others never tire of you wearing wet suits , you rock them and look fantastic in them. Your other gear shots are amazing as well , but you in a tight wet suit is hard to beat. Cheers.

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