Love being helpless in my neoprene sleepsack

I made up my mind, it was about time I was all helpless inside my neoprene sleepsack again! So lucky a good friend was in the area, that was only too happy to help!

Can’t wait to read your comments!! So get commenting!! 😀

Neoprene sleepsack

Neoprene sleepsack

Neoprene sleepsack and hood

6 Replies to “Love being helpless in my neoprene sleepsack”

    1. Yes! We did both make that comment once we got back! So will need to do that, the next time!

  1. Lovely G. Big thanks to you and your friend! You should have added the S10 Gas Mask! 🙂

  2. So sexy , so helpless . How long do you hang there ? Be careful you might get birds come and peck at all sorts of sorts

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