BBC Olympics HD coverage

So glad I have Freesat+ HD, means I will have 24 extra free HD channels, for the Olympics. The only down side, I can only record two channels at once. So making up my mind what to record is going to be hard work!!

Check out for more information.

Since the Olympics, is just over a week away. You still have time to buy yourself a Freesat HD box! Prices start at £70 for standard HD box or £165 for a Freesat+ HD box. You will of course need a working satellite dish. Check out for more information.

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  1. Well, you could always ask a friend with a Freesat box that has the capability to record something you can’t!

  2. I don’t have FreeviewHD, but the BBC did give us iPad users a treat, if you download the BBC Olympic app and you can stream the 22 HD channels for free.

    1. Yes I have that app on my iPod. Just next to no use to me, since most things are on when I am at work :(.

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