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BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD are back on Freeview

Great news, if like myself you only have Freeview (I believe in better, by not having $ky). Both BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD are back. This time around 98.5% of UK households can them.


BBC Three returns to TV screens tonight

So glad that BBC Three returns to our TV screens tonight! It was first launched in 2003. It existed until it was closed down in 2016 and replaced by an online-only BBC Three streaming channel. After six years being online-only, BBC Three returning to linear television tonight!!

BBC Three logo

Where can I find BBC Three?

  • Freeview : 23 (SD) / 109 (HD Only in England)
  • Freesat : 107 (HD) / 179 (SD)
  • Also on all pay platforms….
  • Also on-line via BBC iPlayer

Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency

First of all, big thanks to everyone who’s watched my newest vlog, Happy New Year + Mental Health. Been great, reading all your comments so far!

If you want to learn more about mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men. I would recommand watching the amazing BBC documentary called Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency on the BBC iPlayer.

Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency

A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Heath on BBC iPlayer

Looking for something to watch? Then I would check out A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Heath on the BBC iPlayer.

The Duke of Cambridge, Gareth Southgate, Peter Crouch, Thierry Henry, Danny Rose and Jermaine Jenas discuss the importance of talking about men’s mental health.

A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Heath on BBC iPlayer

The Storm That Saved a City : BBC iPlayer

Looking for something to watch on the BBC iPlayer? Then I would really recommend that you watch The Storm That Saved a City.

On 15 January 1968, thousands of homes were damaged when 100-miles-an-hour winds tore through the central belt. Twenty people lost their lives amid devastating scenes. But the storm shook up Scotland’s biggest city in another way, too. It inspired a rethink about Glasgow’s tenements. For 100 years, the city had been destroying unfit houses for new ones – but it wasn’t solving the problem. It took the storm, a group of young architects and some strong-willed residents to save their city from the bulldozer. And it brought forward the transformation of Glasgow – from Britain’s biggest slum to the cultural capital of Europe.

I know this is a bit sad, but watching my, home City of Glasgow, turn into one of the best City’s in the world, had me in had me in tears! I am not joking, it really did!

Great British Railway Journeys : Series 9

Just to remind everyone, that the 9 series of Great British Railway Journeys starts tomorrow (Monday 1st January 2018) on BBC 2 at 6:30pm!

On his first journey follows in the footsteps of the new monarch for the new century, King Edward VII, from the grand estates of Norfolk to a bivouac on Brownsea Island. In this first episode, Michael takes a pot shot at the sport of kings at a country estate, where the king dallied with his mistress. He learns the ropes aboard an Edwardian wherry on the Norfolk Broads and joins variety performers to tap dance on Cromer Pier. In Cambridge, he investigates the student days of the young Prince of Wales and the novelist EM Forster, author of Howard’s End.

Freesat viewers can now restart live BBC shows

Yet another reason, why I love Freesat!  People will the latest set-top-boxes can now use the new ‘Watch from Start’ feature in the TV guide. The ‘Watch from Start’ allows you to restart live programmes on all BBC channels without waiting for the programme to end.

Freesat is the first TV platform to include the feature within the TV guide, and customers will notice a small icon next to the programme name, which, when selected from the menu, will begin the programme from the start.

So just another reason, why Freesat, is better than $ky!

BBC iPlayer gets personal on connected TVs

WOW! the BBC iPlayer has just got even better! Since it’s now allowing viewers to start watching a programme on one device and finish on another.

Right now it’s only available to viewers with YouView devices (which I have), but is but rolling out to other connected TV devices, including set-top boxes, streaming media devices and games consoles, over the coming weeks and months.

For more information check out www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/iplayer-performance-january and www.a516digital.com/2017/02/bbc-pins-and-pairs-iplayer.html.

YouView adds BBC connected red button

At long last the UK connected TV platform YouView has added the BBC’s Connected Red Button service. Which means that viewers will also be able to access an increased choice of video and streaming content across news, sport and weather by pressing the red button (on BBC SD channels only) on their YouView remote control while watching BBC TV channels.

Also means when major sporting and music events are running, the red button is also your window onto all the live streams that aren’t being broadcast on any of the BBC’s traditional channels.

Just wish it had been ready in time for the Glasgow 2014 Games! But hey, it’s here at long last! 🙂

Here are some screen dumps of the BBC’s Connected Red Button service.

BBC connected red button p100
BBC connected red button - news
BBC connected red button - weather

More information can be found @ www.youview.com/news/2014/10/23/youview-adds-new-bbc-iplayer-and-bbc-connected-red-button-to-line-up/.

Danny MacAskill tonight on BBC 1 Scotland

Just to remind everyone in Scotland, that loves cycling to turn into BBC Scotland tonight at 7:30pm to watch “Danny MacAskill – Riding the Ridge”. It’s a documentary following Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill as he attempts to capture his performance on and around the dramatic Black Cuillin mountain range on Skye, where he and his crew endured long treks and tricky terrain over the 10-day shoot.

If you don’t get BBC 1 Scotland. Everyone else in the UK can watch it on the BBC iPlayer at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04kntlk/danny-macaskill-riding-the-ridge.