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Freesat upgrades ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 to HD

Some great news, if you have Freesat. They have added ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD to its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). The HD channels replaced the SD channels on their previous channel numbers.

BBC Three returns to TV screens tonight

So glad that BBC Three returns to our TV screens tonight! It was first launched in 2003. It existed until it was closed down in 2016 and replaced by an online-only BBC Three streaming channel. After six years being online-only, BBC Three returning to linear television tonight!!

BBC Three logo

Where can I find BBC Three?

  • Freeview : 23 (SD) / 109 (HD Only in England)
  • Freesat : 107 (HD) / 179 (SD)
  • Also on all pay platforms….
  • Also on-line via BBC iPlayer

UKTV Play added to Freesat

Freesat has added catch-up service UKTV Play to its On Demand offering, with catch-up TV available via the UKTV Play app or the rollback TV guide.

So you will be able to catch-up up on shows from Dave, Yesterday, Really and Drama 🙂

All 4 and 4HD is being removed from Freesat!

Just heard the news that All 4 and 4HD is being removed from Freesat, by Channel 4! Not happy at all!! Who the hell watches stuff in SD nowadays? Next will stop showing things in colour!

Make sure you go on Facebook, Twitter etc and tell them this is not on!!

? Paddington Station 24/7 starts tonight CH5!

No idea how I missed this! But tonight at 9:00pm sees the first episode of the brand new TV documentary series from Channel 5.

The series follows railway workers on the Great Western Mainline against the background of the largest modernisation on the route in generations.

There are also major incidents, huge sporting events, as well as the day-to-day challenges of running one of Britain’s busiest stations.


FreeSports launch delayed on Freesat

The launch of FreeSports on Freesat has been delayed. Should have been launched today on channel 252.

But it did launch has planned on Freeview/YouView channel number 95. You need a device that is compatible with Freeview HD or Freeview Play.

More information be be found over at www.a516digital.com/2017/08/faq-new-sports-channel-freesports.html.

FreeSports is coming to Freesat

Some great news, if like myself you don’t believe in pay TV! FreeSports is joining Freesat at some point this August or September, and it will appear on channel 252.

More information can be found over at www.a516digital.com/2017/08/freesport-confirms-freesat-details.html.

Dave and Home joining Freesat

At long last UKTV’s Dave and Home are coming to Freesat. They are to launch on the platform on the 1st August 2017. Dave will be available on channel number 157 and Home on 166.

So happy, they are joining Freesat at long, long last!! Well done Freesat!

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