Jul 232017

At long last UKTV’s Dave and Home are coming to Freesat. They are to launch on the platform on the 1st August 2017. Dave will be available on channel number 157 and Home on 166.

So happy, they are joining Freesat at long, long last!! Well done Freesat!

Jul 122017

Yet another reason, why I love Freesat!  People will the latest set-top-boxes can now use the new ‘Watch from Start’ feature in the TV guide. The ‘Watch from Start’ allows you to restart live programmes on all BBC channels without waiting for the programme to end.

Freesat is the first TV platform to include the feature within the TV guide, and customers will notice a small icon next to the programme name, which, when selected from the menu, will begin the programme from the start.

So just another reason, why Freesat, is better than $ky!

Oct 192016

stv player on freesatSTV’s catch-up and on-demand service STV Player has launched on Freesat this week!

Which I am very pleased with! Since I use a Scottish postcode on my box, I had no way for watching anything from itv, using a on-demand service via Freesat, but that’s now been fixed!

Can also watch stuff from stv Glasgow now! Which is also well cool!

Jul 122016

Bike-Logo-RGBBIKE, the first television channel entirely dedicated to the world of cycling, is now available for free on Freesat.

Now available on Freesat channel 251, we will be treated to world-class live and exclusive coverage of many of the season’s top professional races, including the Gent-Wevelgem, Tour de Romandie and Giro del Trentino.

I am so looking forward to seeing lots of HOT cyclists in Lycra!! 🙂

May 032016

Channel5HDlogoSome great news, if you love Channel 5. At long last Channel 5 HD is joining both Freeview and Freesat. It’s due to join providers tomorrow (Wednesday 4th May).

I for one, can’t wait to get to watch Neighbours in HD at long last!

Dec 112015

So happy that I can now use Netflix with my Freesat Freetime box! Great to see that Freesat have been working very hard, to bring new services and channels this month! In the last week, they have added Yesterday, Drama and Really. And now Netflix!

I have no idea why people pay $ky, so much a month. When can get so much for free!


Humax HDR-1000S/1TB running, Firmware V 2.02.46

Freesat Freetime, on demond. Before the update.

Netflix on Freesat Freetime

Freesat Freetime, on demond. After the update. Netflix has been added.

Netflix on Freesat Freetime

Netflix loading…


Freesat Freetime home menu, On Demand

Dec 032015

UKTV logoSome great news, if like myself you believe in better! By better, I don’t mean $ky. I mean Freesat, which is getting some extra channels this month! They are getting Yesterday, Drama and Really.

The channels will launch on the service this month. Their LCN numbers will be: Drama – 162, Yesterday – 163 and Really – 164.

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