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Freesat upgrades ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 to HD

Some great news, if you have Freesat. They have added ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD to its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). The HD channels replaced the SD channels on their previous channel numbers.

Freesat viewers can now restart live BBC shows

Yet another reason, why I love Freesat!  People will the latest set-top-boxes can now use the new ‘Watch from Start’ feature in the TV guide. The ‘Watch from Start’ allows you to restart live programmes on all BBC channels without waiting for the programme to end.

Freesat is the first TV platform to include the feature within the TV guide, and customers will notice a small icon next to the programme name, which, when selected from the menu, will begin the programme from the start.

So just another reason, why Freesat, is better than $ky!

RT HD comes to Freesat HD

RT logo Here is some great news, if like myself you have a Freesat HD receiver.

Freesat has today welcomed its sixth HD channel on the platform, with the arrival of Moscow-based RT in high definition.

The news channel joins fellow HD channels BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD and NHK World HD.

The HD version of RT replaces the standard definition version on Freesat channel 206 for viewers with Freesat HD receivers.

More information about this can be found @ www.a516digital.com/2013/02/freesats-sixth-hd-channel-goes-live.html.

Freesat to offer Channel 4’s HD Paralympic Channels

Great news again for people with Freesat. They are to offer Channel 4’s HD Paralympic Channels. They will be the only subscription free TV platform to carry all three of Channel 4′s extra live HD Paralympic channels, throughout the London 2012 Paralympics.

This follows on from Freesat carrying all 24 BBC Olympic HD channels, for the duration of the Olympic Games. Let’s just hope they are no bugs found this time and they can be recorded from the off.

Once added later this month. They will take up 150, 151 and 152 in the Freesat EPG. People will non-HD boxes will get the SD versions in the same EPG slots.

BBC Olympics HD coverage

So glad I have Freesat+ HD, means I will have 24 extra free HD channels, for the Olympics. The only down side, I can only record two channels at once. So making up my mind what to record is going to be hard work!!

Check out www.freesat.co.uk/bbc-olympics for more information.

Since the Olympics, is just over a week away. You still have time to buy yourself a Freesat HD box! Prices start at £70 for standard HD box or £165 for a Freesat+ HD box. You will of course need a working satellite dish. Check out www.freesat.co.uk/how-to/use-your-sky-dish for more information.

BBC to make 24 HD live Olympic streams

OMG! That’s great news! Just think 24 HD channels of fit lads wearing all sorts of sexy gear! From cycling skinsuits, to wetsuits, to tight running suits! So glad I have Freesat HD on my 32″ TV. Only bad thing, it can only record 2 channels at a time. Maybe it’s time to get another Freesat HD+ PVR :).

More information can be found at:-

Got Freesat? Then here is some great news :)

Great news for anyone like myself living in the UK, who’s got Freeesat. They are adding another 5 channels to their line up :).

The extra channels are Channel 5 +1 (128), 5USA (129), 5USA +1 (130), 5* (131) and 5* +1 (132).

I have no idea why people pay $ky lots and lots of money, when you can have Freeesat for nothing and it’s even got 5 free HD channels.

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