New cycling gear on the way :)

I have just gone and spent £133.50 on some new cycling gear :). Been after some new gear for a while. So after asking people on facebook what I should get, lots of people said I should get the Rabobank team kit. Also lots of straight lads from work said I should get it. So that will be a first for me, having straight lads telling me what gear to get! Just hope I look half has good in it, as Theo Bos does :).

Agu Rabobank Full Zip Short Sleeve Jersey 2011

Getting it from Wiggle for £66.75.

Agu Rabobank Bibshort 2011

Getting from it Wiggle for £66.75.

Once I get this gear, you will all have lots and lots of new photos to look forward to.

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    1. Think it will be the first orange gear I have ever owned. I am sure, I will pull it off :).

  1. Got a email from Wiggle today, saying it’s been posted. So should get it tomorrow or Saturday all going well :).

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