My village has a new shop!

So happy my village has a new shop called “The No.10 Store”. It had it’s opening party on Saturday. But today been the first time, I have been inside. It’s very nice indeed. Also great that I no longer need to cycle to the next village of Castle Bytham to get milk and other stuff.

Sorry it’s been a slow news day!


3 Replies to “My village has a new shop!”

  1. It looks very quaint (and I mean that nicely). Villiage shops like that are to be treasured!

  2. Indeed, very nice to have a village shop these days… only thing is G, it’ll stop you from cycling… you’ll have to go the long way round to reach this one! 😛

    1. Yes it being so near is about the only bad thing about it. Way, way to near to cycle to.

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