What happened to forecast rain?!?!

What happened to forecast rain?!?! It was due to rain here and get lots of it! What really happened, it lasted for like 10 mins max then stopped!

So not often you hear me say this…. But I was looking forward to getting nice and wet during a cycle!

You can check out the route at www.strava.com/activities/7647979792

Oh and yes, that first photo is rain on my Lycra!! So get that idea, out of your head!! 😈

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2 Replies to “What happened to forecast rain?!?!”

    1. For one the BBC does not do the weather they get the data from MeteoGroup. I also check the Met Office and my phone which gets the data from The Weather Channel. One said rain from 1pm, another from 10pm and another said it was not going to rain!

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