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WOW! That’s me another year older!

WOW! That’s me another year older! That’s me just turned 41, feels like only yesterday I was 40! Where do the years go?!??! So for my birthday, went a mini cycle! Did my 5th, half century cycle of the year!

Check out the route at www.strava.com/activities/4128752319, also give me a follow at www.strava.com/athletes/gsvalentine.

Myself at Elton and Orston railway station
Myself at Elton and Orston railway station

Favourite photos from August 2020

Here are my favourite 5 photos from August 2020! I had 59 to choose from, they are not in any order!

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018
Hull Train at Grantham railway station
Double Spider-Man fun! 
Double Spider-Man fun!
Matt in my straitjacket

Which is your favourite? Check out all my photos, from August 2020 at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/page/archive/2020-08/

It was great seeing Matt again!

It was really great seeing Matt again! It’s always nice seeing friends that are into the same “fun things”, that you are! Sure you get, what I mean!

Here is Matt and myself waiting for his train back to London!

Matt G and myself at Grantham railway station

Here are some photos, of the fun stuff we got up to! 🙂

Myself at Grantham railway station
It started by myself wearing a wetsuit, at the railway station! Think anyone could tell?!?!
Then of course had to get him wearing some rubber! Who can say no, to a cute lad in rubber?!?!?
Since it was National Dog Day, of course had to get him wearing this!
Double Spider-Man fun
Oh and my favourite of all, us both wearing Spider-Man suits!!

Remember you only live once! So have fun, when you can!!

Double Spider-Man fun!

Well got to say, had a great number of days with Matt so far! Knowing him for a good number of years, but only met up, twice so far! Got to say, us both wearing Spider-Man suits, was so much fun!

Double Spider-Man fun!
Double Spider-Man fun!

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/gordon-matt/

Meeting Matt at the railway station

Happy days! Matt is here, been looking forward to this for so long! We had been hoping to meet up in May…. But all that had to change, when the world went very, very mad! So it’s great getting to do more normal things again and meet up with friends!

So here are some photos of myself, waiting at Grantham railway station for him 🙂

P.S. Can you also guess, what else I was wearing?!?!? Comment below!!!

Myself at Grantham railway station
Myself at Grantham railway station
Myself at Grantham railway station

Finished the End to End cycle 11 years ago!

Would you believe it?!?!? It was a whole 11 years ago today, that I finished doing the End to End cycle. A cycle covering 990.30 miles, which of course took me from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Even after 11 years, would still rate it has one of the best things, that I’ve ever done! Really hope, that one day, I get to it again!

Here are, just some of my favourite photos from the cycle.

Mike and myself at John O'Groats

Just after leaving the village of Glencoe on the fifth day of the End to End cycle
Clifton suspension bridge
Celebrating at Land’s End

You can check out the route, I took below:-

EMT HST Summer Special to Skegness

Happy days! Just done something, I’ve been wanting to do for a good number of years! That is getting the Summer Special HST train to Skegness! Big thanks to Mark T for sorting it all out and of course joining me!

HST at Grantham railway station

Myself at Skegness railway station

Cycling from York to the Tan Hill Inn, update!

You may all remember that on 26th July 2020, did a blog post about hoping to cycle from York to the Tan Hill Inn, which is the highest pub in Great Britain at 1732ft above sea level…. Well about 90% sure, it’s going to happen!

Like OMG, it will have around 1,355 metres of total ascent in around 70 miles! it will be hard, hard going… But I can’t wait!!

This will be my biggest cycling adventure since, doing the End to End cycle, way back in 2009! But BRING IT ON!!

Think it will be happening in the next two weeks! Will post more, when I know for sure!

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