Apr 172017

After really getting the mountain climbing bug over the last year or so. About time, I added a new sub section to my photo gallery! Which will display some of my favourite photos, of some of the UK named summits, I’ve done! Sure, this list will grow fast!

Can you check out the photos so far @ www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/uk-named-summits/.

Sep 292016

That’s me back in England after a great drive back home! Went on many roads, I’ve ever been on before! Don’t ask me which way, I went. Since I have no idea at all!

But I some how did end up at Dent railway station, which happens to be the highest railway station in England!

Here are some photo from the drive. Was hoping to take many more! But it was raining most of the time!!! 🙁

May 152016

That’s Nick and myself now in Scotland! After just under 320 miles of driving! It’s the first Nick’s ever in Scotland! I just know he’s going to have a great time! So many great places, I want to show him! Just hope the weather plays nice!

I will now leave you with some photos! The first of many, I am sure!! 😀

Stainmore Summit

At Stainmore Summit, at round the half way point to Scotland!

Love this view!

I love this love!

Welcome to Scotland Nick!

Nick is now officially in Scotland for the first time ever!!

To think, I've cycled...

Just to think, I’ve cycled all the way from John O’Groat’s to Land’s End!

Sep 142014

That’s me now up in Scotland. Set off from Little Bytham just after 1:00pm and got to Killearn around 8:30pm. So made it up, just before it got fully dark. Was very good driving weather. Rain stayed off and the roads were dry. Was a bit windy going over the top of the A66, then that’s just about always the case.

Here are some photos from my favorite section of the journey, which is the A66 going over the Pennines.


Apr 102014

I had so much fun in London today! Here are some photos I took.

My favourite is the one of Tower Bridge. Here is what someone said about it on twitter “Who put that building there? It’s stopping the bridge from closing”. I had not even noticed that, till I read the comment! Would love to say I planned the photo, to come out like that. But no, it just sort of happened!

Oh and I have also tick off another three London Underground stations that I have used! I added Brixton, Clapham North and Monument to the list. The full list can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/travel/railways/uk-national-rail-network/.

The Shard
Tower Bridge
HMS Belfast

Photos from past London visits can be found @ www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/sets/72157643770482714/.

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