Jul 052018

Speaking about having to move house, since our landlord wants the house back! Don’t think, I’ve ever been so stressed! But, I have to keep smiling…

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    Hi Gordon I feel for you moving is very stressful I dread it myself. May it all go well for you. Love the white lycra ;-p

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    I once had a landlord do this after my dad and I had redone the entire two bedroom apartment and I had installed all new flower beds – just because he and his lover were splitting up and the other fellow got the house! Thanks a lot!!!! I feel your pain. 😥

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    I hope that all turns out well for you

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    Hope you get sorted soon, so we can all see some more vlog’s

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    I know what an upheaval it is. Hopefully all gets sorted soon and you can de-stress….

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