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Vlog: I’ve moved home!

You will all be pleased to hear, that I’ve moved!!! We got the keys the new place, last Sunday (15th July 2018) and started moving in that day! It took us, till Wednesday to move everything over! Still boxes all over the place! That will be sorted, given time!

Last day at Number 12

Been a bit of weird and upsetting day. It’s the day Mark and myself moving the rest of our stuff out of Number 12. It’s been a great house since January 2001. Got so many great memories from my time there.

But now I can look forward to hopefully, making many new memories in the new house.

Lucky we have not moved far. Only to Castle Bytham, so around 2 miles away. So can still, go out local pub in Little Bytham all the time!

I will leave you with the last photos from inside and outside Number 12 🙁

Oh and photos from the new house will follow. Once it’s been sorted out a bit more…

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