Apr 292018

That was sure a great walk around Whalley in Lancashire. Just funny to think, that if, I had not moved to Scotland when I was, very, very young. That’s the area, I would have growing up in! Since I was born in Chorley and use to live in Leyland…

Anyway back to the walk, I can’t get over just how nice Whalley is! So much going on, for a small village!

The walk was just over 6 miles! You can check out the route we took over @ www.strava.com/activities/1539712837


  3 Responses to “Great walk around Whalley”

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    Why do you look so sad on the top photo ?

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    Looks like a great part of the country, very green n lush. Loving the architecture as well. Hope it wasn’t 2 cold though.

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    Very nice area, sounds like you enjoyed it very much.

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