Video: Cycling from Thorpe Bridge to theDogs!

The very last 2 miles of the cycle to work (Peterborough Greyhounds Stadium) from Little Bytham. The video starts at Thorpe Bridge, then onto the A15. Following by Bishop’s Road, then into Fengate. Before finishing at Peterborough Greyhounds Stadium.

Looking forward to reading your comments about this video. Before, doing anymore. Along the same lines…

5 Replies to “Video: Cycling from Thorpe Bridge to theDogs!”

  1. Wow , fantastic . It looks very dangerous in the town centre , the cars dont leave you much room . Do one of a ride through the local country side . I think it would look great . Please be safe

    1. Glad you like the video! None of the other roads uses cut me up, or pulled out in front of me. So that’s just a normal day cycling in the city :).

  2. this was great, especially the hells grannies on the cycle way who seemed intent on throwing themselves into your path. you should sell it to the tourist board.

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