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Been sorting out Peterborough Greyhounds photos!

Due to lot’s of things happen on other websites, I’ve been spending lot’s of time, moving photos back to this website! So, I have full control over them, how my data is used etc!

Also since Flickr, now only let’s you host 2,500 photos, and the less said about Tumblr, the better! Can’t see them, being about much longer!!!

So first of all, I’ve been moving all the photos, I’ve taken at the Peterborough Greyhounds photos back over to this website!! Got to say, I’ve had many good times at work, over the years!

We now sell these at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium…

You can tell it’s been a slow week, when I start getting excited that we now sell Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider and Caledonian Coast to Coast Pale Ale at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, my place of work!

And of the course the funny thing, is that I don’t even drink. A bar supervisor that does not drink, can’t be many of them about!

Oh and want to see more fun photos that I’ve taken at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium over the years? Then check out at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/peterborough-greyhound-stadium/

Halloween 2016 @ theDogs! : part 2

Yep here are, some more Halloween photos! Yes got another one of the lads in my police handcuffs! 🙂

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/england/peterboroughgreyhounds/halloween-2016/

Halloween 2016 @ theDogs! : part 1

Halloween at work has been so much fun so far this year! Still got Friday and Saturday left! So I am, sure I will get even more great photos! Was good getting to see one of the lads in a Morphsuit!! LOL! Oh and yes, my police handcuffs did come out to play! 😀

More photos from this set can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/days-out/halloween-2016/

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