Shimano M077 Mountain Bike SPD shoes

I have just gone and ordered myself some new cycling shoes. Since my summer ones have had better days. But they have done me very, very well indeed had them since 17th December 2005 (click link to read about them). Used them while doing the End to End cycle, they have been around Rutland Water many times and I even used them while doing my record 100 mile cycle last week.

I just hope the new ones that I am getting last me, half as long. I am getting “Shimano M077 Mountain Bike SPD shoes” which I am sure you worked out from the title of this post :). I have ordered them from Fat Birds Don’t Fly. I love that name, what a great name for a bike shop. They have set me back £49.99, but full RRP is £69.99 so a saving of 30%.

I will let you know how I get on with them, when they turn up. Which I am hoping will be this week at some point.

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  1. Good bargain! Hope they are as good as your old set, if not better! Enjoy and hope they arrive soon! I bet Mr Postie must enjoy coming to your house with all the stuff you keep getting!

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