Rutland Water cycle

I can’t get over just how good the weather has been for the last week.  Been warm and sunny just about every day. Which is good news for me, since I am way behind on the number of miles I want to do on my bike this month. Since I was in Scotland for 1 week, only got to use my bike once that I got a flat tyre and did not have any tools in Scotland to fix it :(. By the end of the month I want to do at least 450 miles, right now I have only done 186.7, which also includes the cycle I did today. So need to do at least another 265 miles before the month is out 2 be happy with myself.

Anyways on with today’s nice cycle. I made up my mind, since it’s a great day to cycle to Ruland Water, which is not that far at all from my place, so only a short cycle. Only did 24.5 miles, but I do really like cycling to Rutland Water, it was so busy. Don’t think I have ever seen it so busy on a week day. Then I think that’s got a lot 2 do with lots of schools being off. But I got a ice-cream while there, which is one of the reasons I went :).

So other than the great cycle, not much at all 2 tell you.  Other than at long last Channel 4 HD has been added to Freesat, it can be found on channel 126. Meaning that Freesat now got 4 HD channels and all for free.  Now got BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD and of course Channel 4 HD. Yes I do really like my HD stuff.

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