Yet more fun with Lycra + handcuffs

Yet more fun with Lycra and handcuffs, but this time two pairs! Can you guess what the second pair of cuffs goes around?!?!? πŸ™‚

Lycra + handcuffs
Lycra + handcuffs
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6 Replies to “Yet more fun with Lycra + handcuffs”

  1. Hey Mate….very nice photo’s..looking great. Are those shorts made from a very slightly transparent Lycra ?….. began thinking this while watching Olympics LOL……now seeing you….I’m wondering again LOL !!!

  2. What could the second pair of cuffs be for? ……..can’t think of any thing !!!!!!! Nope Gordon….I give up….please tell me LOL

  3. We need a pic with the lycra shorts off but everything else inc the double handcuffs left on….. ???

  4. Awe No Dirtylad…..can’t take them Shorts off…… That spoils the mystery……..he he he.

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