Bar one @ theDogs, is getting bigger!

That’s another part of the bar 1 refit done at work! They’ve moved the wine fridges and handheld tote machines. So by Friday week, the old bar will have been fully removed and new bar in it’s place!

Will sort of miss the old bar! Been working behind it now, for something like 13 years!

Restaurant bar 1 - 11-08-2016

Good cycle back from work!

That was a good cycle back from work! I left my bike at work over night. Then got a lift home last night, then got a life back into working today!

Took me just over 2 hours, to cycle back home. Which is not the best time in the world! Took a while, since it was a bit on the windy side! But at least, the wind give me a good reason to stop and take a good number of photos!

You can check out the statistics and the route I took @

Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team
Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team
Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team

Carbisdale Castle to Loch Ness : 7 years ago

So this time 7 year ago, I would have been somewhere between Carbisdale Castle and Loch Ness, on the third day of the End to End cycle!

You can check out the third day of the route at

About time these bar’s got a refit!

Someone asked me, what they were doing to bar 1 at my place of work! They were removing the bar shutters! Here is a photo of bar 2, still with the shutters. Even just by removing them, the bar feels much better!

Really can’t want till next Friday, when I will have a whole new and bigger bar!

Restaurant bar 2 with shutters