Screen dumps : Save Olympic Wrestling – Duke Wrestling

Here are some screen dumps from the “Save Olympic Wrestling – Duke Wrestling” video. After watching this video, I so need to get myself a sexy wrestling singlet. Just not so sure I have the arms for it! I would also need to get wrestling boots, something sexy about them! Then of course do a vlog wearing the gear :).

Save Olympic Wrestling ( sreen shot 0008)

Save Olympic Wrestling ( sreen shot 0021)

Save Olympic Wrestling ( sreen shot 0035)

save_olympic_wrestling _shot0041

3 Replies to “Screen dumps : Save Olympic Wrestling – Duke Wrestling”

  1. Gordon: Wow , I too agree with Mike regarding loving to see you in wresting gear. I think you have the arms for wearing a singlet, legs and body too ! Not every wrestler is hugely bulked up, long lean powerful muscles also allow good wrestlers to compete and win. I would challenge any wrestler to keep up with you on your long cycles and endurance cycle rides on the varied landscapes. You rock the skin suits, cycle suits, and wet suits a well as motorcycle leathers you own and wear, you have nothing to fear slipping into a tight wrestling singlet ( go for the fuller length and not the older style singlets with the low scooped sides to the hips ). I wish I was working at a better paying job I’d buy you a singlet if you had a choice on your amazon wish list. Willing to make a donation to contribute towards one though . I have a wrestling singlet fetish if it wasn’t to obvious lol.
    Cheers !

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