June 2013 cycling statistics

Here are my cycling statistics for June 2013. I ended up doing 763.79 this month. Making it the second month in a row, I have done over 760 miles! Also this month, I can now say I have done 30,000 miles of cycling since April 2003! Which I am, very pleased with to say the least. By the end of the year, that total should be well over 32,500 miles :).

So far my yearly total stands at 3,155.1 miles. Total miles since April 2003 now stands at 30,070.4.

Here is the data from June 2013:-

  • Total cycles: 29.
  • Total Distance: 763.79 miles.
  • Total Time: 58:20:00 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 13.1 mph.
  • Max Time: 4:37:35 (h:m:s).
  • Max Speed: 37 mph.
  • Avg Distance: 26.34 miles.
  • Max Distance: 59.19 miles | 05-Jun-2013 : Killearn to Inversnaid

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Here are my favourite cycling photos from the month

NCR 7 route to GartmoreLoch Arkletdsc03101PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2009Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit

UK TV programmes to watch this week : 29/06/2013

Tour De France 2013 Highlights (itv4 | 7pm to 8pm | Saturday 29th June 2013)

Highlights from stage one of the 100th edition of the Tour starts on the Island of Corsica, the only area of France that has never hosted the Tour before. The first 213km stage runs through the magnificent scenery of Corsica towards the finish in Bastia where the winner will almost certainly be a sprinter. This is a golden opportunity for Mark Cavendish to claim the yellow jersey. Presented by Gary Imlach with analysis fom Chris Boardman, and Ned Boulting is out at the roadside. Commentary by Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.

Top Gear (BBC2/HD | 8pm to 9pm | Sunday 30th June 2013)

The motoring magazine returns with the action kicking off in New Zealand, as Jeremy Clarkson and James May race a car against a boat in a nail-biting battle up the beautiful coastline to the very tip of the North Island. The boat is a state-of-the-art America’s Cup yacht, while the car is of a type many are familiar with yet have never before seen on Top Gear. Meanwhile, back in the UK, Richard Hammond attempts to find a hot hatch hero from a trio of newcomers, the Renaultsport Clio 200, Peugeot 208 GTI and Ford Fiesta ST, and a cavalcade of top stars assemble at the track to welcome a brand new Reasonably Priced Car.

Undercover Boss (Channel 4/HD | 9pm to 10pm | Monday 1st July 2013)

New series of the show in which high-flying executives take extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses. Starting the series is DHL. In the three years since Chief Executive Phil Couchman became boss, he’s seen the company’s turnover reach a massive 800 million pounds. But rapid expansion brings its own problems. So, Phil is heading back to the frontline to work alongside his staff. Terrified of losing even a single customer to fierce competition, Phil aims to find out if workers are delivering the top notch service he expects. But when the CEO goes undercover he discovers a stretched workforce and customer service staff who are tied up in red tape. And, moved by a courier who supports his family in Brazil but has no job security, another whose job is stretching his body to breaking point, and finally couriers being paid unfairly, Phil is forced to consider whether DHL have more to worry about than just their customers.

The Route Masters: Running London’s Roads (BBC2/HD | 9pm to 10pm | Tuesday 2nd July 2013)

More people now travel on London buses each day than on the rest of the UK’s buses combined. With passenger numbers up sixty percent since 2000, the capital’s bus drivers are under colossal pressure. And from their cab, they see how our behaviour has changed in that time. Driver Alex is an old hand who complains that no-one says hello to him any more. Driver Sadie thinks we are all in such a hurry we are heading for nervous breakdowns. Trainee driver Christine is worried about getting lost. Behind every driver is a controller who tracks drivers’ whereabouts and tells them to hurry up and slow down. The controllers themselves must hit strict targets if the service is to stay on track. The answer to all this pressure may lie in Transport for London’s big new idea: to bring back the Routemaster, with conductors. We see the new 21st century Routemaster being built in the factory in Northern Ireland, and follow it as it hits the streets of London. Will it make bus travel fun again?

Waterloo Road (BBC1/HD | 8pm to 9pm | Thursday 4th July 2013)

School-based drama. Grantly is alive and Tom is finally ready to donate his kidney. But when former bad boy pupil Kyle Stack shows up at Waterloo Road, matters take a turn for the worse after Tom tries to help the troubled boy.

Summer’s Supermarket Secrets (BBC1/HD | 9pm to 10pm | Thursday 4th July 2013)

Gregg Wallace goes behind the scenes with Britain’s biggest food retailers over the course of a year to discover how they source, make and move the food we find on the supermarket shelves. He has exclusive access to the buyers, product developers, food technologists and backroom teams, and gets the insider’s guide to how much they know about us and our tastes. In this, the first of four episodes, Gregg reveals how the supermarkets bring us our summer favourites. He finds out why there is more than meets the eye in a supermarket strawberry, what it takes to bring us our barbeques, and how they stay one step ahead of the weather.

All TV guide information taken from DigiGuide — www.getdigiguide.tv/?p=1&r=15119.

27-Jun-2013 : Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit photos

Here are some photos of myself wearing the Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit. During today’s 40.27 mile cycle! I was hoping to do closing to 50 miles. But it started to rain and did not want to get mud all over my sexy white Lycra.

Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kitPearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit

Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kitPearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit

Now done 3,000 miles of cycling in 6 months

I can’t believe it. It’s not even the end of June and I have already done 3,000 miles of cycling! Meaning I have done more miles than I did in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. When I did 2,685.9 miles in 2009. I was sure I could never do that number ever again. Since around 1,000 miles of that, was doing the End to End cycle. But how wrong I was. It’s fast looking like I will do just over 5,000 miles this year, for the third year in a row!!

24-Jun-2013 : PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit photos

Here are some photos I took of myself wearing the PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2009. During today’s mini 33.79 mile cycle. I was hoping to do more, but I got to around 25 miles and started to get bored of cycling. Yes even, I get bored of cycling at times! So I cut the route short. But at least I took these photos, before I got home!

PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2009PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2009

PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2009PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2009

YouView launches Android App at long last!!

So pleased that YouView has now launched an Android App. Been waiting for this since app, since I got my YouView box just before last Christmas (2012).

Here is a list of the apps features:-
• TV GUIDE: 7 day television programme guide
• NOW AND NEXT: See which programmes are on Now and Next across all channels
• CHANNEL LIST: See all programmes on a chosen channel
• PROGRAMME INFORMATION: Information on TV and radio shows for the next 7 days
• REMOTE RECORD: Set your YouView box to record your favourite TV shows or series while out and about
• CONNECT MULTIPLE DEVICES: Connect up to 5 devices (Android and iOS combined) with your YouView box so you and your family can use the YouView remote record service

YouView_Android_App YouView_Android_App2

For more information about this great app, check out community.youview.com/youview/topics/youview_launches_android_app_june_2013.

UK TV programmes to watch this week : 22/06/2013

Andy Murray: The Man Behind the Racquet (BBC1/HD | 10:25pm to 11:25pm | Sunday 23rd June 2013)

Documentary following tennis player Andy Murray, a US Open and Olympic champion, revealing just what it takes to be a global sports star. The programme looks at Murray’s life off the court, filled with a comprehensive list of commitments and responsibilities, including fashion shoots and charity and media work. Cameras follow the Scot as he takes an open-top bus ride in his home town of Dunblane, does Pilates in Miami, takes ice baths in Monte Carlo and undergoes rehabilitation for an injury in Surrey. A private and shy man, Murray won the hearts of many with his raw emotion at Wimbledon and earned a place in history by winning the US Open to become Britain’s first male Grand Slam champion in 76 years. There are contributions from Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears, mother Judy, brother Jamie and coach Ivan Lendl as well as his rivals Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer and tennis greats Andre Agassi and John McEnroe.

Glastonbury (BBC2/HD | 11:30pm to 1:45am | Sunday 23rd June 2013)

Julien Temple’s acclaimed film celebrating and documenting the history of the Glastonbury Festival. Concert footage, interviews, archive and home video combine to capture the essence and spirit of Glastonbury. Also features performances from throughout the history of the festival including David Bowie, Bjork, Pulp, Blur, Billy Bragg, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Richie Havens, The Prodigy and many more.

British National Elite Road Race Championship Highlights (itv4 | 7:00pm to 8:00pm | Monday 24th June 2013)

Highlights from the biggest single day road race on the British cycling calendar which this year comes from Glasgow. Riders will be utilising part of the proposed course for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The men will be riding 182km of the 14km circuit, and the women 112km.

Wild Cameramen at Work: Sea. Episode 4 (BBC1 Scotland/HD only and iPlayer | 7:30pm to 8:00pm | Monday 24th June 2013)

Series in which five of the best wildlife cameramen in the world spotlight some of their favourite natural history moments. Int his final programme, cameramen Doug Anderson and Doug Allan reveal the technical challenges of filming under the sea and encounter animals as diverse as blue whales, white-tip sharks and the weedy sea dragon performing a graceful courtship dance. Narrated by David Attenborough.

Life Savers (BBC1/HD | 9pm to 10pm | Tuesday 25th June 2013)

Documentary revealing the life and death dilemmas faced at the very limits of frontline medicine. Critical Care paramedic Dan Cody rushes to help seventeen-year-old Molly who’s lying in agony on a busy road, having been knocked off her moped on the way home from college. Her broken leg and badly smashed pelvis means she needs Dan’s drugs, far more potent than carried by normal ambulance crews. At hospital, surgeon Julian Owen discovers her hip is even worse than originally thought – she has a long and dangerous operation ahead of her. Dr Adam Chesters is on duty in the Emergency Department when a highly critical patient is transferred to Addenbrookes with a head injury. David has been attacked around the head with a hammer in a horrific assault. For a couple of days he is able to talk and brain specialist Peter Hutchinson is hopeful. But as his condition deteriorates, Peter must convey a less optimistic outlook to David’s family.

The Route Masters: Running London’s Roads: Nightbus (BBC2/HD | 9:00pm to 10:05pm | Tuesday 25th June 2013)

Series revealing how TFL and the police keep London’s roads moving in the face of extreme pressure. This episode explores the world of London’s nightbuses. As London has become a more 24-hour city since 2000, the number of passengers travelling at night has tripled. The nightbus service has grown to cope with the demand, but now its drivers face an unpredictable crowd. Duane Williams, a nightbus driver from Brixton bus garage, likes the ladies but some of his passengers are just too loud for him. Driver Tommy McKerr faces trouble on the notorious N25 route when a gang of young men storm his bus without paying. And Jeff, a homeless person, shows us how he has perfected the art of riding the longest nightbus route in London all night to keep warm.

Waterloo Road (BBC1/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Wednesday 26th June 2013)

School-based drama. The Barrys prepare to air their dirty laundry on national television, but it is Kevin that ends up under the spotlight when an unexpected guest turns up. Meanwhile, Maggie has a heart-breaking decision to make.

All TV guide information taken from DigiGuide — www.getdigiguide.tv/?p=1&r=15119.

Harley Bonner hot new Neighbours actor

OMG Neighbours has just got a new super fit actor called Harley Bonner. He plays elite swimmer, Joshua Willis. So means we could get to see then in Lycra often!! Just like in this HOT photo below! 🙂

Harley Bonner

Photo source : www.greatstorieswithheart.com/2013/05/neighbours-star-harley-bonner-is-thrust.html

RIP Bear – ???? to 19/06/2013

BearI am sure if you follow me on twitter. You will have already heard this very sad news! Still trying to get my head around it. After having Bear since October 2009. We had to say good-bye to him today. He’s not been well for a week or so. So it was for the best.

He’ll be sorely missed. Sleep well Mister Bear.