Got my new bike (Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike – 2013)

I am so happy. Today I drove down to Rutland Cycling to get Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike bike. So far I am very pleased with it. So far only done a very short 5 mile cycle on it.  I was hoping to do a longer cycle. But it took me a good 30 minutes. Just to take the pedals off. So I could put my clipless pedals on it. But I am sure the bike and my bum, will soon get to know each other very well indeed!!

Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike - 2013
First ever photo of my new Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike. On the cycle carrier, getting taken home from Rutland Cycling.
Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike - 2013
Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike, is safely at home.

2 Replies to “Got my new bike (Trek 8.3 DS Hybrid Bike – 2013)”

  1. I must say, he looks very nice. Bikes always look their best when brand new. Enjoy riding your new bike mate, and I hope you do many happy hundreds of miles on him.

  2. That is truly a nicenew addition to your life G , I like BlondGuppy wish you many many miles of riding fun.

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