The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track : 12-Feb-2013

I am really loving how many railway related TV shows the BBC has been showing over the last month or so. This week sees a new series start on BBC2/BBC HD on Tuesday 12th February 2013 at 9:0pm GMT.

The first episode, is called “King’s Cross”. Can’t wait to see it!

Here is the program information taken from DigiGuide.

“Documentary series which goes behind the scenes of the rail network, revealing the inner workings of one of Britain’s biggest and oldest institutions. The 1970s concourse at London’s King’s Cross station is cramped and dark, doing nothing to help the spirits of passengers – something that Alexis Bailey, who works on the passenger information point, knows all too well from her experience of dealing with frustrated travellers. There is hope that a brand new concourse will lift everyone’s spirits. East Coast manager Steve Newland wants the opening to coincide with customer service levels worthy of a five-star hotel, a vision that is frustrated when broken-down trains and fatalities on the line bring everything to a standstill. Laxman Keshwara has worked at the station for 35 years, during which time he has witnessed both an IRA bombing and the King’s Cross fire. He is a much-loved staff member but retirement beckons and is last day at work is a very sad one for everyone at the station.”

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    1. Yes same! It was very good indeed. Next weeks one is called “Summer Madness”. I will do a post that about one in the next day or so.

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