Sep 182018

That sure was a great afternoon in Nottingham, with Mark T! For me, is was a trip down memory lane, since I lived in Nottingham for a while, way back in 2001! When I was dating a lad called David! I really had, forgotten was a nice city, Nottingham is!

It was also great fun using the Nottingham Trams, for only the second time! Need to go back again, really soon and use them again!

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Sep 102018

I can now add Ealing Broadway and Slough, to the list of railway stations, that I’ve used!

Slough railway station

Jul 302018

I can now add Paisley Gilmour Street railway, to the list of railway stations, that I’ve used!

Paisley Gilmour Street railway station
Paisley Gilmour Street railway station
Paisley Gilmour Street railway station

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Jul 112018

That sure was a great cycle! Did 62.43 miles, so making it the second longest cycle of the year so far! It could well be my favourite cycle, of 2018! Since I cycled along part of the  Grantham Canal. Then stopped off at Bottesford, to get some food, and also check out it’s railway station!

Then it was off to Elton and Orston railway station, which is one of the least used stations in the UK. It only gets two services a day. One to Nottingham at 6:25am and other service to Skegness at 5.10pm. There is no Sunday service. A normal service operates on most bank holidays.

Then it was back home passing Belvoir Castle! So over all, a great cycle!!

You can check out the route, I took over at

Grantham Canal
Bottesford railway station
Elton and Orston railway station

May 302018

WOW! Just been to Corrour railway station, which is the highest mainline railway station in the United Kingdom.

Apr 292018

I am sure that most of you will know, that I love trains and railway stations! So I of course, had to check out Whalley railway station, while I was in the area…


Sep 302014

During my drive on the way back from Scotland. I stopped off at the Kirkby Stephen railway station, which is on The Settle-Carlisle Railway line. Which is on my list of railway lines to do to in the UK.


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